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Pittacus Lore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What visions does John continue to have?
(a) About his parents.
(b) About Lorien.
(c) About Sam's father.
(d) About the Mogadarians in that house.

2. What does the man who John and Henri question say about where he received his information?
(a) A phone call.
(b) A conversation the man overhears between two Mogadarians.
(c) He is not the one who got the information and does not know.
(d) A notebook from one of the Mogadarians.

3. What does John tell Sarah he needs to do?
(a) Find some water.
(b) Get some clothes.
(c) Run home for a minute.
(d) Go back and tell them Sarah is fine.

4. Who are Dozer and Abby?
(a) Two cats.
(b) Two of Sarah's friends from another school.
(c) Two of Sarah's cousins.
(d) A cat and a ferrett.

5. About what does John remind Henri?
(a) There is always hope.
(b) That until all gardes are gone, Lorien can be saved.
(c) There is a Universal Intelligence.
(d) That the legacies are just for this purpose of fighting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John hear Henri saying to Sam when John returns to the basement?

2. What does Mark show John?

3. What happens to the cut on John's back?

4. What is Sarah doing as John jumps out the window?

5. What does John see in the parking lot?

Short Essay Questions

1. What vision of the Chimera does John have?

2. What do Henri and John learn from the man who they tie to the chair?

3. How do John's friends help him?

4. What does Six explain to John about why and how she is there?

5. What happens to John in the woods before his friends arrive?

6. What does Mark show John?

7. Where does John go after jumping out of Mr. Harris' office, and who does Johns encounter there?

8. What does Six first believe about their situation at the school, what does she realize, what happens when she kills a scout and who arrives when she and John are talking?

9. Why does Henri not think the beings John sees in his vision survived?

10. What does John learn with the aid of fire and how does he learn a painful lesson?

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