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Pittacus Lore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the girl save the person in Argentina?
(a) By praying to God.
(b) By releasing the water from a dam.
(c) By performing an impossible feat.
(d) By calling on her cell phone.

2. What does John instinctively do that he should not have done?
(a) Shakes himself.
(b) Takes a breath.
(c) Pulls on the needles.
(d) Tries to melt the ice.

3. What does John tell Sarah when he finds her?
(a) To hold on to him tightly.
(b) To stay there until he gets a ladder.
(c) To crawl to the hallway.
(d) To grab the dogs.

4. Who are Dozer and Abby?
(a) Two of Sarah's friends from another school.
(b) A cat and a ferrett.
(c) Two of Sarah's cousins.
(d) Two cats.

5. What tells John that the female garde is still alive?
(a) No ring appears on his ankle.
(b) A clap of thunder.
(c) A scream.
(d) He sees a number of soldiers being killed by seemingly nothing.

6. What does John say he has to do before leaving?
(a) Get both Sam and Sarah safe.
(b) Find the reporter who took the video.
(c) Get Sarah safe.
(d) Get Sam safe.

7. How long has the Garde been looking for John?
(a) A month.
(b) A few days.
(c) Since Number Three was killed.
(d) A year.

8. Why does John grab Sam and Henri in each arm and jump out of the house?
(a) The Mogadarians have returned.
(b) Three other alien watchers appear.
(c) Another alien watcher appears with a .38 pistol.
(d) It is the easist way to leave without being followed.

9. What does Henri say when John expresses hope that someone survived Lorien?
(a) There are about fifteen survivors on earth besides the ones being trained to save Lorien.
(b) It is not likely.
(c) There are several hundred survivors on Earth.
(d) Quite a few made it to a different planet in another solar system.

10. What does a soldier do to John?
(a) Offers to help him.
(b) Steps on his back and pulls out the dagger.
(c) Ties him up.
(d) Nothing; he cannot see John.

11. Who is at the table when John gets home?
(a) Mark James.
(b) Bernie Kosar.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Henri.

12. How does John spend Christmas?
(a) With Sarah.
(b) Getting packed.
(c) Training.
(d) With Sam and his family.

13. What does the man who John and Henri question say about where he received his information?
(a) He is not the one who got the information and does not know.
(b) A conversation the man overhears between two Mogadarians.
(c) A phone call.
(d) A notebook from one of the Mogadarians.

14. What does John find that gives them more information about what the Mogadarians know?
(a) A post-it note with some words written on it.
(b) A notebook from one of the Mogadarians.
(c) A cell phone from one of the Mogadarians.
(d) Nothing.

15. What season is it when Chapter 22 opens?
(a) Winter.
(b) Spring.
(c) Summer.
(d) Fall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mark show John?

2. Why does John jump to the second story of the house?

3. What is one thing John learns how to withstand?

4. Who will be at a party at Mark's house that makes Sam decide to go?

5. What does John realize about Bernie?

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