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Pittacus Lore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John hear Henri saying to Sam when John returns to the basement?
(a) Henri telling Sam a plan to get out of the house.
(b) Henri telling Sam that John is Mogadarian.
(c) Henri explaining who they are.
(d) Henri telling Sam Henri has found Sam's father.

2. What does John tell the dogs to do?
(a) Stay there.
(b) Go around to the front.
(c) Go into the woods as if they were not in the house.
(d) Nothing.

3. What does John manage to escape?
(a) The dome the Mogadorians make.
(b) Another dragon-like creature.
(c) Two more weasel-like creatures.
(d) A squad of special hit soldiers.

4. What is the main purpose of the scouts?
(a) To find Number Four.
(b) To give the Loriens a bad name.
(c) To keep the Gardes there until the Mogadorian soldiers arrive.
(d) To find Number Five.

5. What does John learn when he is looking for Sarah?
(a) That she and the dogs are still inside the burning house.
(b) That she is with a group of kids near the woods.
(c) That she is helping organize a bucket brigade.
(d) That she went home earlier.

6. Why does John think Sarah is at the back of the house?
(a) He can sense the dogs.
(b) Another Legacy emerges which enables him to see through solids.
(c) He can tell that's the only place left that is not on fire.
(d) From the sounds of her voice.

7. What does Mr. Harris ask John?
(a) If he is OK or needs a nurse.
(b) If John is moving.
(c) If John is an undercover spy.
(d) If John set the fire in Mark's house.

8. What helps John kill the soldier?
(a) A bullet from Sam.
(b) He remembers his training.
(c) A fire.
(d) A bullet from a rifle Mark has.

9. What happens sometime near midnight at the party?
(a) Sam is sick.
(b) There is a fire.
(c) One of the football players falls unconscious.
(d) Sarah is sick.

10. What tells John that the female garde is still alive?
(a) A clap of thunder.
(b) A scream.
(c) No ring appears on his ankle.
(d) He sees a number of soldiers being killed by seemingly nothing.

11. What is on Henri's laptop?
(a) A wanted poster of John.
(b) A wanted poster of Henri.
(c) A picture of a Mogadorian.
(d) The same question that was faxed to John.

12. What two sounds are heard by John and the others?
(a) A siren and a loud speaker.
(b) A scream and a siren.
(c) A curse and someone speaking Mogadorian.
(d) A gun blast and dog nails walking on the floor.

13. What does John hear behind him?
(a) A bullhorn and someone yelling.
(b) A scream of shock.
(c) A gunshot.
(d) A fire alarm going off.

14. Why does John jump to the second story of the house?
(a) Part of the stairs are gone.
(b) He is in too big a hurry to use the steps.
(c) The bottom floor is all on fire.
(d) He thinks Sarah is on the other side of the ground floor and it's faster to go via the upstairs.

15. What does the female Garde tell John to do?
(a) Get to the woods.
(b) Keep next to her so he will be invisible.
(c) Create a fire.
(d) Get up into the ceiling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John find that gives them more information about what the Mogadarians know?

2. What does John tell Sarah when he finds her?

3. What does John do in response to what happens to Sam?

4. What is one thing John learns how to withstand?

5. What does Henri want to do?

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