I Am Number Four Short Essay - Answer Key

Pittacus Lore
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1. What does Number Four have to do when the novel opens?

Number Four is just settling into his home in Florida when it is time to move again. It isn't the first move he and Henri have made, and it would hopefully not be their last. It is essential that Henri keep Number Four safe, especially since Number Four just received the ring around his ankle that warns him that Number Three is now dead.

2. What are the "rules" of engagement between Gardes and the Mogadorians?

There are nine of Gardes, and they carry a charm that protects them while they are apart from each other. The Mogadorinas can only eliminate the Gardes in numeric order or the Garde cannot be killed. Whenever one Garde is removed, a ring appears around the ankle of the remaining Gardes.

3. When does John receive his third ring and what does it mean?

John's third ring appears while he is out with friends on a boat, and it forces their immediate relocation. It was the longest they had stayed anywhere since arriving on Earth - nine months. Now, he burns his identification and begins again, this time calling himself John Smith. He lives with Henri, his Cêpan, and this move will take them to Paradise, Ohio.

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