Objects & Places from I Am Number Four

Pittacus Lore
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This is an Earth-like planet where Henri and the Legacies were born.


These are nine special beings chosen to leave their home world until, when reunited, they will return to their home world to rebuild.


This planet is one of eighteen inhabitable planets in the universe.

17 Old Mill Rd.

The address of the new home Henri and Number Four move into in Paradise.

Hungry Bear

The name of the diner just off the center of town in Paradise.

Shepherd Falls

This is the area where Mark takes the girls when they try to scare them during the hayride on Halloween.

Athens, Ohio

This is the town where Henri goes to investigate the story about Mogadorians that was printed in the magazine Sam had.

Appalachian Mountains

Athens is located in this region in Ohio.

Paradise Gazette

Paradise, Ohio's, local paper.

Healing Stone

This item, brought from...

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