Objects & Places from I Am Number Four

Pittacus Lore
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Lorien - This is an Earth-like planet where Henri and the Legacies were born.

Legacies - These are nine special beings chosen to leave their home world until, when reunited, they will return to their home world to rebuild.

Mogadare - This planet is one of eighteen inhabitable planets in the universe.

17 Old Mill Rd. - The address of the new home Henri and Number Four move into in Paradise.

Hungry Bear - The name of the diner just off the center of town in Paradise.

Shepherd Falls - This is the area where Mark takes the girls when they try to scare them during the hayride on Halloween.

Athens, Ohio - This is the town where Henri goes to investigate the story about Mogadorians that was printed in the magazine Sam had.

Appalachian Mountains - Athens is located in this region in Ohio.

Paradise Gazette -...

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