I Am Number Four Character Descriptions

Pittacus Lore
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Number Four (aka Daniel Jones; John Smith)

He has been on Earth for ten years with the other eight Legacies.


He is now fifty years old and he is the Cêpan to Number Four.

Sarah Hart

She is in the same school as Number Four is when he attends school in Paradise, Ohio.

Bernie Kosar

He is a chimera who came with John and Henri from Lorien.

Sam Goode

He sits beside John in Astronomy class.

Number Six

She is a girl who is every bit as strong as John.

Mark James

A big deal in the town of Paradise, Ohio, his father is the Sheriff and he is the star on the school's football team.

Mr. Harris

He is the principal of the high school in Paradise, Ohio.


The planet from where John and Henri come.


A gregarious and outgoing race, these are...

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