I Am Number Four Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Pittacus Lore
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Chapters 1 - 4

• It is time for Number Four to move again even though he was just settling into his house in Florida. It is not the first move he and Henri have made.

• Henri must keep Number Four safe especially since Four just received the ring around his ankle that tells him Number Three is dead.

• There are nine of them and they carry a charm that protects them while apart from each other. They must be killed in numeric order or they cannot be killed.

• He is a Garde and is protected by a Cepan. Henri and Four have been in this place longer than anywhere since arriving back on earth -- nine months.

• Four burns his identification and chooses a new name, John Smith. They will move to Paradise, Ohio. John knows he must look and act like an ordinary boy.
• John is fifteen and must...

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