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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, where is Jojo's appointment with Coach Roth?
(a) Rotheneum.
(b) Saint Ray house.
(c) The library.
(d) The Grove.

2. Who raids Charlotte's graduation party?
(a) Jojo.
(b) Mr. Thoms.
(c) Channing Reeves.
(d) Buster Roth.

3. How much does Charlotte pay for her new jeans?
(a) $80.
(b) $90.
(c) $100.
(d) $70.

4. What does the author describe as Adam's humiliation?
(a) Understanding women.
(b) Becoming a basketball player.
(c) Getting good grades.
(d) Building muscles.

5. Where does Charlotte go to feel less pathetic about being alone?
(a) The library.
(b) Her dorm room.
(c) The park.
(d) The cafeteria.

6. Why does Jojo feel he deserves a second chance?
(a) He has had an attitude change.
(b) He is the star player.
(c) He feels entitled.
(d) He knows he is smart.

7. In Chapter 14, it is noted that historically leaders were warriors; however, the players on the basketball team are compared to what?
(a) Kings.
(b) Wimps.
(c) Entertainers.
(d) Tyrants.

8. Why does Hoyt's other girlfriend refuse to speak to him?
(a) She thinks he is a player.
(b) She moves.
(c) She finds a different boyfriend.
(d) She likes his friend.

9. What is one thing that makes up Charlotte's personality?
(a) Social ability.
(b) Confidence.
(c) Self-discipline.
(d) Beauty.

10. What happens when Jojo cannot define some words used in a paper for Mr. Quat's class?
(a) He drops out of the class.
(b) He is given a second chance to redo the paper.
(c) He receives an F and a violation.
(d) He runs out of the room.

11. What is Adam's idea for a news story?
(a) About the governor.
(b) About the fraternities.
(c) About drugs on campus.
(d) About the new library.

12. What is significant about Charlotte's professor Mr. Sterling?
(a) He did not graduate high school.
(b) He is the dean of students.
(c) He is a Nobel Prize winner.
(d) He is her uncle.

13. In Chapter 10, why is Charlotte worried about going to the frat party?
(a) Because of the presence of alcohol.
(b) She feels unpopular.
(c) She has never been to a party.
(d) She has nothing to wear.

14. What is the name of Dupont's alternative newspaper?
(a) The Flame.
(b) The Wave.
(c) The College Ledger.
(d) The Dupont Times.

15. Who is Charlotte's roommate?
(a) Bettina.
(b) Beverly.
(c) Mimi.
(d) Laurie.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 15, as the basketball game starts, what does the coach do with Jojo?

2. In Chapter 13, why does Jojo confront Adam about the paper?

3. What does Charlotte begin to understand during lunch in Chapter 8?

4. Why do the members of the basketball team do everything together?

5. At breakfast the day after the frat party, what feeling is evident in Charlotte friends?

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