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Prologue "The Dupont Man" | Chapter 1 "That Single Promise"

• The prologue begins in the men's room of a concert.

• Hoyt and Vance, two fraternity brothers, are clearly drunk.

• Other boys are talking about girls.

• When Hoyt and Vance leave the concert, they find the governor of California and a university student in a precarious position in the Grove.

• Charlotte is introduced as the valedictorian of her class.

• Charlotte is a shy, self conscious girl.

• At Charlotte's graduation party, some boys crash the party clearly embarrassing Charlotte.

• Charlotte promises Miss. Pennington she will never look back.

Chapter 2 "The Whole Black Player Thing" | Chapter 3 "The Mermaid Blushed"

• The scene is a pick-up basketball game at Buster Stadium and the stands are full.

• Jojo is having difficulty with a new freshman player, Congers.

• Jojo talks about the black players with the only other white player on the team.

• Jojo thinks the coach...

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