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Short Answer Questions

1. Who proposes to Amaranta?

2. What is one of the first thing Ursula buys for her ever expanding home?

3. Who goes to a theater and is accosted by soldiers, only to be shot?

4. Who decides to make gold fish?

5. What do the townspeople do when Jose Arcadio Buendia seems to go mad?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the signs that Macondo is becoming more modern?

2. Describe Jose Arcadio Segundo.

3. Why does Meme play the clavichord?

4. What was Jose Arcadio Buendia's original profession?

5. What is Colonel Aureliano Buendia's final request when he is caught and court martialed?

6. What happens to Pietro when Amaranta finally rejects his long proposal and courtship?

7. What is the gypsies' latest wonder that they share with Jose Arcadio Buendia?

8. Who does Aureliano Buendia marry?

9. When does Amaranta believe she will die?

10. What are some of the odd behaviors of Remedios the Beauty?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The idea of religion is not something that's overlooked in this novel. From the many spiritual advisers to the idea of alternative religions and belief systems, it seems the author is just as interested in creating confusion as he is interested in creating order. What does this novel seem to say about religion in general and its usefulness in family life, home life, and politics?

Essay Topic 2

Again and again in the novel, a reader sees characters running away from their problems and running away from danger. List three examples in which this happens in the novel as well as why this choice works or doesn't work for the individual characters. Are the characters running out of self preservation or out of fear? Or is there another reason to run away?

Essay Topic 3

A running theme in this novel is the idea of fantasy. Many characters do things and say things that aren't necessarily grounded in fact. Choose three examples of how the fantasy elements in this story affect the actions and the outcomes of the story.

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