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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Jose Arcadio Segundo?
(a) He is promoted.
(b) He is banished.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He is shot and loaded onto a train with dead bodies.

2. What does the builder of the answer in #129 do to Jose Arcadio's grave?
(a) Burns it
(b) Spits on it
(c) Moves it
(d) Erects a fortress of concrete

3. Who is the stranger that arrives at the door?
(a) Jose Arcadio
(b) Jose Arcadio Buendia
(c) Aureliano Amador
(d) Aureliano Segundo

4. Which woman assumes she would be royalty?
(a) Ursula
(b) Petra Cotes
(c) Fernanda del Carpio
(d) Remedios

5. What happens to the boy that appeared to be missing?
(a) He was kidnapped.
(b) He was taken by the midwife.
(c) He was taken away by red ants and eaten.
(d) He ran away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies, and is left dressed as a queen in repose?

2. The eldest daughter of Fernanda Del Carpio takes up the __________?

3. Since Fernanda del Carpio isn't always open to the sexual advances of Aureliano Segundo, where does he go?

4. Who does Aureliano see at a strange brothel?

5. What does Amaranta Ursula do when Gaston writes of his return to the town?

Short Essay Questions

1. What devastation does the five-year-long event cause?

2. Why does Meme play the clavichord?

3. What does the banana company do when people begin to complain of unfair working conditions?

4. When the child is missing from his crib, what has happened to the child?

5. What does Meme do after her lover Mauricio Babilonia is shot and killed?

6. When Amaranta Ursula returns to Macondo, who does she bring with her?

7. What does Jose Arcadio leave home to do?

8. Who is the stranger who arrives at the door?

9. What is the secret that Aureliano Amador doesn't know about Amaranta Ursula?

10. What does Aureliano Segundo do because Fernanda is impossible to live with?

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