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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who becomes smitten with Amaranta Ursula?
(a) Aureliano
(b) Arcadio
(c) Gaston
(d) Jose Arcadio

2. How old is Ursula's house at this point of the story?
(a) It's brand new
(b) 50 years old, exactly
(c) Less than 100 years old
(d) Over 100 years old

3. Who wants to see better working conditions at the banana factory?
(a) Aureliano Segundo
(b) Jose Arcadio Buensia
(c) Arcadio Segundo
(d) Jose Arcadio Segundo

4. Who is the stranger that arrives at the door?
(a) Jose Arcadio Buendia
(b) Jose Arcadio
(c) Aureliano Amador
(d) Aureliano Segundo

5. What does Amaranta see a vision of?
(a) Meme's death
(b) Her own death
(c) Jose Arcadio's death
(d) Ursula's death

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies, leaving Pilar the last of the second generation of the family?

2. What happens to the boy that appeared to be missing?

3. What helps increase the modernization of Macondo?

4. Who wants his throat slashed when he dies?

5. What does Aureliano Segundo do with his wealth?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the child is missing from his crib, what has happened to the child?

2. When does Amaranta believe she will die?

3. What does Meme do after her lover Mauricio Babilonia is shot and killed?

4. Who is Aureliano Segundo trying to placate in his life?

5. Who is the woman that Aureliano Segundo finally chooses?

6. Who is helping to pay for the essentials (e.g., food) for Fernanda?

7. What devastation does the five-year-long event cause?

8. What is Jose Arcadio Segundo doing as he's locked in the laboratory?

9. What is the secret that Aureliano Amador doesn't know about Amaranta Ursula?

10. Why does Meme play the clavichord?

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