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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula not consummate their relationship?
(a) They are afraid of birth defects.
(b) They are not attracted to each other.
(c) Ursula does not believe in sexual relations.
(d) Jose has an illness.

2. Who does the answer in #92 kill as a result of a disagreement?
(a) General Aureliano
(b) General Arcadio
(c) General Jose Arcadio
(d) General Jose Raquel Moncada

3. Who does Arcadio transfer land grants to?
(a) Rebeca
(b) Pietro
(c) Jose Arcadio
(d) Jose Arcadio Buendia

4. Who is always engaged in productive work?
(a) Ursula
(b) Aureliano Buendia
(c) Jose Arcadio
(d) Melqunades

5. Where did Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula originally live?
(a) Robato
(b) Moorata
(c) Rio de Janeiro
(d) Riohacha

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is a witness to a military executions that then scars him for life?

2. What does Ursula use to cure Rebeca?

3. What do the townspeople do when Jose Arcadio Buendia seems to go mad?

4. What did Melqunades seemingly die of?

5. How does Ursula help to stall Rebeca's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Colonel Aureliano Buendia die when he shoots himself through the chest?

2. What is so extraordinary about Jose Arcadio's anatomy, so much so that he gets the attention of many gypsies and even terrifies his own mother?

3. Describe Melqunades.

4. Describe what is going to happen to Colonel Buendia in the not too distant past.

5. Who does Aureliano Buendia marry?

6. What happens to the murderer of Aureliano Jose?

7. When Colonel Aureliano Buendia leaves Macondo, who takes his place? Describe this leader's leadership style.

8. What does Colonel Aureliano Buendia begin to realize?

9. What does Don Apolinar Moscote, a magistrate from the distant government, require that Ursula do for her home, but she then ignores the ruling?

10. The plague of Rebeca spreads across the town - who helps to save the people?

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