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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening with Santa Sofia de la Piedad when Arcadio is taken away?
(a) She is sick.
(b) She is with another man.
(c) She is pregnant again.
(d) She is leaving town.

2. How many illegitimate children of Colonel Aureliano Buendia are introduced to Ursula?
(a) Seventeen
(b) Ten
(c) Sixteen
(d) Five

3. What causes Jose Arcadio Buendia to stop believing in God?
(a) When they are asked to paint their house blue.
(b) When Ursula has a nervous breakdown.
(c) When he prays for something and it doesn't happen.
(d) When he tries unsuccesfully to take a picture of God.

4. What happens to the solider who shoots the person in #89?
(a) He is rewarded.
(b) He is shot immediately.
(c) He is let go.
(d) He is court martialed.

5. What does Jose Arcadio Buendia like to study?
(a) Plants
(b) Literature
(c) Alchemy
(d) Rocks

Short Answer Questions

1. Who vies for the love of Pietro?

2. What does Arcadio do with a messenger sent by the liberal revolutionary forces?

3. What is the greatest invention that the gypsies bring to Jose Arcadio Buendia?

4. What happens when a rich man comes into town?

5. What did Melqunades seemingly die of?

Short Essay Questions

1. The plague of Rebeca spreads across the town - who helps to save the people?

2. When Jose Arcadio Buendia becomes obsessed with mechanical animals, what do Aureliano and some townspeople do?

3. When a messenger arrives from the Liberal Revolutionary Forces, what does Arcadio do?

4. Describe Aureliano Segundo.

5. How does Amaranta raise her son Aureliano Jose, and why is this inappropriate?

6. What happens after Aureliano Jose after the rejection of his affections?

7. What is Colonel Aureliano Buendia's final request when he is caught and court martialed?

8. Why won't Ursula have sex with Jose?

9. What happens to the murderer of Aureliano Jose?

10. How many children does Santa Sofia de la Piedad have? And what are their names?

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