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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT one of Rebeca's symptoms?
(a) Eats earth
(b) Eats only paint chips
(c) Heart pains
(d) Isomnia

2. What happens when Amaranta rejects Pietro?
(a) He destroys the pianola.
(b) He rejects her first.
(c) He leaves town.
(d) He kills himself.

3. Who is mysteriously murdered?
(a) Aureliano
(b) Aureliano Segundo
(c) Jose Arcadio
(d) Jose Arcadio Buendia

4. Who tries, though unsuccessfully, to court Amaranta?
(a) Aureliano
(b) Jose Arcadio
(c) Gerineldo Marquez
(d) Jose Arcadio Buendia

5. Who leaves town after this execution in #93 is carried out?
(a) Colonel Jose Arcadio
(b) Colonel Aureliano Buendia
(c) Colonel Moncada
(d) General Buendia

6. What does Jose Arcadio Buendia become obsessed with?
(a) The ants
(b) Ursula
(c) The moon
(d) Mechanical animals

7. Where did Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula originally live?
(a) Moorata
(b) Rio de Janeiro
(c) Riohacha
(d) Robato

8. Who seizes Macondo again?
(a) Gypsies
(b) Conservative revolutionaries
(c) Liberal revolutionaries
(d) No one

9. What happens when a rich man comes into town?
(a) Ursula sleeps with him.
(b) Remedios is oblivious to him.
(c) Aureliano Segundo kills him.
(d) Jose Arcadio Segundo steals from him.

10. What does Aureliano have to wait for before he can be with the answer of #40?
(a) The full moon
(b) The girl's menarche
(c) The new year
(d) The permission of the parents

11. Who becomes fixated on Amaranta as a sexual object?
(a) Aureliano Jose
(b) Jose Arcadio Buendia
(c) Aureliano Buendia
(d) Jose Arcadio

12. What does Pietro Crespi set up when he returns to town?
(a) A market
(b) A music shop
(c) A bank
(d) A church

13. Who is Arcadio's mother?
(a) Rebeca
(b) Pilar
(c) Ursula
(d) Remedios

14. What happens five months after Arcadio's execution?
(a) Santa Sofia de la Piedad leaves town.
(b) Santa Sofia de la Piedad dies.
(c) Santa Sofia de la Piedad remarries.
(d) Santa Sofia de la Piedad delivers twins.

15. Who vies for the love of Pietro?
(a) Rebeca and Ursula
(b) Rebeca and Amaranta
(c) Ursula and Amaranta
(d) Amaranta and Remedios

Short Answer Questions

1. Who steps in to stop the execution in Macondo?

2. What did Melqunades seemingly die of?

3. Who joins the revolutionary forces as a result of rejection?

4. When Pilar won't sleep with Arcadio, who does she send?

5. Who is Amaranta?

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