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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the expert musician?
(a) Aureliano
(b) Jose Arcadio
(c) Pietro Crespi
(d) Melquandes

2. What are the names of Santa Sofia de la Piedad's children?
(a) Remedios
(b) She doesn't have any children.
(c) Remedios and Jose Arcadio Segundo
(d) Remedios, Jose Arcadio Segundo, and Aureliano Segundo

3. How many children do Jose Arcadio and Ursula have?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) None
(d) One

4. Who does Jose Arcadio tell of his affair with Pilar Ternera?
(a) His younger brother Aureliano.
(b) His mother Ursula
(c) His father Jose Arcadio Buendia.
(d) No one.

5. How does Ursula help to stall Rebeca's wedding?
(a) By killing the groom.
(b) By saying that the wedding will be in the unbuilt cathedral.
(c) By telling everyone that the wedding is cancelled.
(d) By sleeping with the groom.

6. Who tries to prevent the killing of the answer in #93?
(a) Arcadio
(b) Ursula
(c) Rebeca
(d) Remedios

7. Who becomes lazy and dissipated and plays the accordion?
(a) Aureliano
(b) Jose Arcadio
(c) Jose Arcadio Segundo
(d) Aureliano Segundo

8. Where did Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula originally live?
(a) Robato
(b) Rio de Janeiro
(c) Moorata
(d) Riohacha

9. What is one of the first thing Ursula buys for her ever expanding home?
(a) A record player
(b) A pianola
(c) A rug
(d) A new set of sheets

10. Who raises their child in an intimate matter past a decent age?
(a) Remedios
(b) Ursula
(c) Rebeca
(d) Amaranta

11. Who is a bony and thin adult who never amounts to much?
(a) Aurelian Segundo
(b) Jose Arcadio
(c) Aureliano
(d) Jose Arcadio Segundo

12. Who is tampering with Rebeca's impending wedding?
(a) Amaranta
(b) Jose Arcadio Buendia
(c) Jose Arcadio
(d) Aureliano

13. Who was facing the firing squad "many years later"?
(a) Colonel Aureliano Buendia
(b) Jose Acadio
(c) Santa Sofia de la Pietra
(d) Jose Arcadio Buendia

14. What do the townspeople do to combat this discovery?
(a) They eat only sweets.
(b) They write the names of things on the items themselves.
(c) They forced each other to sit down.
(d) They close their eyes.

15. What does Jose Arcadio Buendia do when someone insults his marriage?
(a) He kills the man who spoke.
(b) He runs away from the man who spoke.
(c) He laughs at the man who spoke.
(d) He threatens the man who spoke.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finally cures the plague?

2. Who does Pietro proclaim his love for?

3. When the town becomes infected with insomnia, what do they discover?

4. Who is Arcadio's mother?

5. Who does the answer in #92 kill as a result of a disagreement?

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