One Hundred Years of Solitude Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• The Buendia family founds the Macondo village.

• The family suffers through 100 years of conflict, resulting in one surviving member after seven generations.

• A band of wandering gypsies frequently passes through the town.

• Jose Arcadio Beundia likes science, while his wife Ursula thinks he should do something productive.

• The two are actually first cousins who married and had two children.

• The gypsies return, but the leader Melqunades has died.

• The gypsies introduce ice to Jose.

Chapter 2

• Time moves back to when Jose Arcadio Beundia and Ursula met.

• Jose is renowned cock fighter and Ursula is well respected.

• The town is flabbergasted when they marry.

• Jose kills a man who upsets the honor of his own marriage.

• Their son grows into a man and is tempted into bed with Pilar, a helper at the home.

• Amaranta is born, the third child of Jose and Ursula

• Pilar announces she is...

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