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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Nathan that caused him to live a life of celibacy?
(a) He realized he was gay.
(b) His wife died.
(c) He had his prostate removed.
(d) He become a monk.

2. One Saturday, Nathan comes over to find Coleman in his ________ and nothing else.
(a) Shorts.
(b) Shoes.
(c) Socks.
(d) Undershirt.

3. What does Coleman do when his father dies during the middle of his first semester at college?
(a) Joins the Army.
(b) Joins the Navy.
(c) Joins the Air Force.
(d) Joins the Marines.

4. What ended up bringing Iris and Coleman closer together during their marriage?
(a) Nathan.
(b) The investigation.
(c) His affair.
(d) Her disease.

5. What kind of school did Coleman's father attend which led to his owning his own shop?
(a) Watchmaking.
(b) Optician.
(c) Medical.
(d) Mechanic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Coleman sign on to buy from the farm in order to see Faunia every week?

2. What is the favorite piece of literature of Coleman's father, according to the book?

3. What does Coleman Silk receive that tells him that others know about his affair with a younger woman?

4. What does Iris seem to believe about Coleman's heritage, just as so many others in his life have assumed?

5. Coleman and Iris married more out of convenience and companionship than out of _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Silk believe is the most important thing in life, especially for a black man?

2. What does the doctor offer to Coleman's family in return for the favor they request, though the Silks turn the offer down?

3. What did the nice letter that Coleman found in his personal belongings say?

4. What does Coleman Silk confess to his neighbor when he is 71 years of age?

5. Why did Coleman and Iris marry if they were complete opposites without passion for each other?

6. What is the current and past status of Coleman Silk's employment in this novel?

7. What does the doctor who visits Coleman's family when Coleman is in high school want from Coleman and his family?

8. What happened to cause Coleman Silk to have to seek retirement from his job?

9. What is the problem with Nathan's health which has changed him forever?

10. How does Coleman reveal his family secret to the woman he loves while he's in college?

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