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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who calls up Coleman and forbids him from ever contacting the family again?
(a) Ernestine.
(b) His mother.
(c) Steena.
(d) Walt.

2. What does Coleman find out about Faunia that she admits to, but does not want to do anything about?
(a) She is a drug addict.
(b) She is illiterate.
(c) She has a new identity.
(d) She is an alcoholic.

3. Coleman realizes that if he had taken the more _________ Steena to his house, things might have gone better.
(a) Mature.
(b) Uneducated.
(c) Open.
(d) Wealthy.

4. What does Faunia still have because she does not know what to do with them?
(a) Her books.
(b) Her husband's medals.
(c) Her children's ashes.
(d) A diary from when she was young.

5. Who does Coleman go to in order to complain about Farley and his behavior?
(a) The college president.
(b) Delphine.
(c) Nathan.
(d) A lawyer.

6. How old is the woman that Coleman Silk is seeing after his wife's death?
(a) 24.
(b) 22.
(c) 18.
(d) 34.

7. Iris' father never married her mother because he is highly distrustful of ____________.
(a) Iris' mother.
(b) Marriage.
(c) The government.
(d) Papers you have to sign.

8. On the day she died, Iris was in perfect health aside from a __________ that would not leave her alone.
(a) Chest pain.
(b) Tumor.
(c) Headache.
(d) Stomach ache.

9. Where does Coleman Silk's new young girlfriend live, according to Coleman's description?
(a) At a halfway home.
(b) A dairy farm.
(c) With her mentor.
(d) In the city.

10. What does Coleman suffer for the first time upon his arrival at Howard College?
(a) Anxiety attacks.
(b) Beatings.
(c) Open discrimination.
(d) Poor grades.

11. What did Coleman Silk call the two students who never seemed to be in class when he called roll?
(a) Spooks.
(b) Bastards.
(c) Rebels.
(d) Ghosts.

12. What happened to Nathan that caused him to live a life of celibacy?
(a) He had his prostate removed.
(b) His wife died.
(c) He realized he was gay.
(d) He become a monk.

13. Who began molesting Faunia after her mother got remarried?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Lester.
(c) Her stepfather.
(d) Coleman.

14. Coleman and Iris married more out of convenience and companionship than out of _________.
(a) Passion.
(b) Legality.
(c) Necessity.
(d) Desire.

15. Coleman is a __________ skinned Jew, according to his own description.
(a) White.
(b) Black.
(c) Yellow.
(d) Brown.

Short Answer Questions

1. The best time Faunia and Lester had together was when they were arguing and ended up _____________.

2. What kind of school did Coleman's father attend which led to his owning his own shop?

3. Doc Chizner tells Coleman not to tell the coach that he is __________ as this might hurt Coleman's chances of the scholarship.

4. What happened to the two children that Faunia left with when they left the abusive husband and father?

5. What did the person asking for Coleman to do poorly in school offer to help his mother?

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