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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, The Purifying Ritual.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Delphine try to garner the attention of an older man, though she fails?
(a) Boston Metropolitan.
(b) Detroit Metro Airport.
(c) Wrigley Field.
(d) NY Public Library.

2. The attendant talks about taking care of the ____________ in a respectful way, rather than giving them away.
(a) House liens.
(b) Car loans.
(c) Trinkets from lovers.
(d) Children's ashes.

3. Who is the vet who is determined to help Les when he gets out of the VA hospital?
(a) Jeff.
(b) Joe.
(c) Louie.
(d) Thomas.

4. What does Coleman suffer for the first time upon his arrival at Howard College?
(a) Anxiety attacks.
(b) Beatings.
(c) Open discrimination.
(d) Poor grades.

5. As a result of the problem in the classroom, Coleman decides to return to the __________ and to resign as the dean.
(a) Office world.
(b) Classroom.
(c) Civilian life.
(d) Military.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else did the person asking Coleman to do poorly in school say they would set up for Coleman?

2. Coleman is a __________ skinned Jew, according to his own description.

3. Nathan is worried that he may not have been a ___________ to Coleman, but then he learns of Coleman's secret.

4. Nathan sees ___________ and Coleman one Saturday in August while attending the symphony.

5. Where does the Vietnam vet take Lester and some others as a part of their therapy?

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