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Athena College

This is the university where Coleman taught and was dean of faculty.

Organic Livestock

This is the name of the dairy farm where Faunia lives.

Steena's Letter

This item is a letter Coleman finds while researching his book about a woman he once dated before his marriage.

Anonymous Letter

Coleman receives this item regarding his relationship with Faunia. Coleman traces the origins through handwriting to Delphine Roux.

Personal Ad E-mail

Delphine Roux writes this item to be placed in a newspaper. Delphine describes her perfect man as Coleman Silk and then accidentally sends the writing to all the professors in her department.


Faunia keeps these items under her bed because she does not know what to do with them.

Faunia's Diary

Faunia kept one of these that proves she was not illiterate.

Chinese Restaurant

Lester Farley's friends take him to this place to help him...

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