The Human Stain Character Descriptions

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Coleman Silk

This character is a Classics professor at a small but prestigious college in Massachusetts, called Athena College. He was a professor there for nearly thirty years when he left the classroom in order to be dean of faculty.

Faunia Farley

This character is a thirty-four year old cleaning woman who works three jobs in order to support herself. She is the child of abuse, having been molested by her stepfather until she ran away at fourteen.

Lester Farley

This character is a Vietnam Vet who served two tours in Nam in part because of the lack of respect and understanding the vets are shown when they return to America. He comes home feeling as though he does not belong there anymore.

Nathan Zuckerman

This character is a writer. This person has not had a good friend in a long time and enjoys his time with another...

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