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Chapter 1, Everyone Knows

• Coleman Silk tells his neighbor he is having an affair with his cleaning woman.

• Coleman retired in the midst of a racial prejudice accusation, though it was a misunderstanding.

• Coleman is convinced the false accusations killed his wife.

• Nathan is a writer who refuses to write Coleman's story.

• Coleman receives an anonymous letter accusing him of his affair; he thinks the letter is from Delphine Roux.

• Coleman goes to a lawyer to stop Delphine from harassing him.

• Faunia's ex is stalking her.

• Farley is taken to the VA hospital for psychiatric care.

Chapter 2, Slipping the Punch

• Coleman talks to his lawyer about Farley and whether anything can be done about him.

• Coleman has had many opportunities to take a dive and does not take them.

• Coleman used to want to be a poet.

• Coleman used to love a woman named Steena, but his mother did...

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