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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of work does Carry Fischer find for Lily?
(a) Bank secretary.
(b) Social secretary.
(c) Executive secretary.
(d) Social worker.

2. What does Gerty Farish tell Ned Silverton's relatives about his relationship with Bertha Dorset?
(a) Bertha and Ned have married.
(b) Bertha Dorset ended her relationship with Ned.
(c) Bertha and Ned want to be together but don't want to marry.
(d) Bertha Dorset wants to marry Ned, but can't because George Dorset won't give Bertha a divorce.

3. What does Lily confess to Lawrence Selden in book 2, chapter 12?
(a) Her need for wealth, material possessions, and social status.
(b) She never really loved him.
(c) Her financial arrangement with Gus Trenor.
(d) She realizes too late that she loves him.

4. Why does Lily go to Alaska?
(a) Carry Fischer suggests there will be wealthy bachelors on the trip.
(b) Carry Fischer suggests Lily take her place with Carry Fischer's new family.
(c) Carry Fischer suggests that Lily find a new place to start over.
(d) Wealthy distant relatives of Lily live in Alaska.

5. What is Lily exposed to as a result of her new position?
(a) A new social circle.
(b) A very low class of acquaintances.
(c) Job responsibilites that she cannot perform.
(d) New opportunities to acquire wealth.

6. In book 2, chapter 9, what is the condition of Lily's surroundings when she begins her new job?
(a) Shabby.
(b) Frantic.
(c) Luxurious.
(d) Modest.

7. What does Grace Stepney say is the reason for her aunt's death?
(a) Being disowned by Grace Stepney's father.
(b) A carriage accident.
(c) Lily's immoral lifestyle.
(d) Cancer.

8. What is Lily concerned about when she wakes up at Gerty's the morning after her argument with Gus Trenor?
(a) She is concerned that she will be seen leaving Gerty's which could risk her social standing.
(b) She is worried that her aunt noticed that she was not home.
(c) She is concerned that Gerty will think that Lily is now her best friend.
(d) She is worried that she will miss her meeting with Lawrence Selden.

9. What does Lily's aunt assume Lily's debt is for?
(a) Entertainment.
(b) Clothing.
(c) Gambling.
(d) A vacation.

10. What does George Dorset decide to do after Lily finds him upset on her way back to the yacht?
(a) Ask Gus Trenor for a loan.
(b) Send Lily back to New York.
(c) Speak to Bertha.
(d) Speak to Lawrence Selden.

11. What problem does Lily develop because of her insomnia?
(a) Drug addiction.
(b) Falling asleep around dangerous machinery at her job.
(c) Memory loss.
(d) Severe mood swings.

12. In book 1, chapter 15, how does Lily respond to Simon Rosedale's marriage proposal ?
(a) She immediately accepts it.
(b) She flatly refuses.
(c) She asks for time to think about it.
(d) She laughs at him.

13. What is Lily's alternative to her new position?
(a) Working as a cleaning woman in an orphanage.
(b) Working for Gus Trenor.
(c) Marriage to George Dorset.
(d) The run-down hotel in which she previously resided.

14. What does Lily say in her telegram to Lawrence Selden?
(a) George Dorset is coming to see him.
(b) She is afraid of George Dorset and wants Lawrence Selden to find another place for her to stay.
(c) Bertha Dorset is coming to see him.
(d) She wants to marry him.

15. In book 2, chapter 2, who does Lily decide to become friends with after Carry Fischer warns Lily about her behavior the previous night ?
(a) The Duchess.
(b) Ned Silverton.
(c) Sabrina.
(d) Mrs. Bry.

Short Answer Questions

1. In book 2, chapter 5, why does Carry Fischer apologize to Lily ?

2. How does Lily react to Lawrence Selden's request regarding her new job and living arrangements in book 2, chapter 9?

3. In book 2, chapter 6, what does Carry Fischer tell Lily about Bertha Dorset ?

4. When Lily sits in the park to rest, what is she thinking about her sleep medication?

5. Who convinces Lily to marry Simon Rosedale?

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