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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grace Stepney say is the reason for her aunt's death?
(a) A carriage accident.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Lily's immoral lifestyle.
(d) Being disowned by Grace Stepney's father.

2. In book 2, chapter 12, what feeling does Lily think Lawrence Selden has about their time together?
(a) Embarrassment.
(b) Anger.
(c) Disgust.
(d) Joy.

3. At four o'clock in the afternoon, who is supposed to visit Lily, but doesn't show ?
(a) Simon Rosedale.
(b) Gus Trenor.
(c) Lawrence Selden.
(d) Gerty Farish.

4. How does Lily respond to what Simon Rosedale suggests she do with the letters she purchased from Lawrence Selden's cleaning woman?
(a) She agrees that it is a good idea.
(b) She laughs at the idea.
(c) She refuses to consider his idea.
(d) She becomes angry and walks away from Simon Rosedale.

5. In book 2, chapter 3, how does Bertha betray Lily at the end of the dinner party ?
(a) Bertha tells the guests that Lily has spread gossip about each and every one of them.
(b) Bertha announces that Lily will not be returning to the yacht with them that night.
(c) Bertha tells the guests that Lily had an affair with George.
(d) Bertha tells the guests about Lily's financial arrangement with Gus Trenor.

6. In Carry Fischer's opinion, what will George Dorset do if he finds out his wife is having an affair?
(a) He will marry Lily.
(b) He will ask Lawrence Selden to represent him in the divorce.
(c) He will kill Bertha.
(d) He will kill Bertha's lover.

7. What does Lily's aunt assume Lily's debt is for?
(a) A vacation.
(b) Gambling.
(c) Entertainment.
(d) Clothing.

8. When Lily sits in the park to rest, what is she thinking about her sleep medication?
(a) She is worried that it is no longer working.
(b) She is afraid Mrs. Hatch will discover that she stole the prescription.
(c) She is concerned about her addiction.
(d) She is afraid the chemist will discontinue the prescription.

9. What does Lily confess to Lawrence Selden in book 2, chapter 12?
(a) Her need for wealth, material possessions, and social status.
(b) Her financial arrangement with Gus Trenor.
(c) She realizes too late that she loves him.
(d) She never really loved him.

10. How does Gerty Farish feel about Lily's trip to Alaska?
(a) She disapproves.
(b) She is envious of Lily.
(c) She doesn't voice her opinion.
(d) She encourages Lily to go.

11. How does Lily feel when she wakes up on the Dorset's yacht the morning after she sees Lawrence Selden in Nice?
(a) Proud of herself.
(b) Frightened of George Dorset.
(c) Ashamed of herself.
(d) Envious of Bertha Dorset.

12. Who gains the most from Lily's aunt's will?
(a) Lily.
(b) Grace Stepney.
(c) Gerty Farish's charity for poor women.
(d) Jack Stepney.

13. At the beginning of book 2, chapter 13, how does Lily feel about the decisions she made regarding Simon Rosedale and Bertha Dorset?
(a) Satisfied.
(b) Discouraged.
(c) Regretful.
(d) Confused.

14. What does Gerty Farish tell Ned Silverton's relatives about his relationship with Bertha Dorset?
(a) Bertha Dorset wants to marry Ned, but can't because George Dorset won't give Bertha a divorce.
(b) Bertha and Ned have married.
(c) Bertha Dorset ended her relationship with Ned.
(d) Bertha and Ned want to be together but don't want to marry.

15. Why does Nettie Struther invite Lily to her home after seeing Lily in the park?
(a) Nettie wants Lily to see how well she has done.
(b) Lily looks ill.
(c) Nettie needs help caring for her house and child.
(d) Lily wants to see Nettie's husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Mrs. Gormer's attitude change toward Lily?

2. Who does Lily see at Carry Fischer's home playing with her daughter one evening?

3. What does Lily say in her telegram to Lawrence Selden?

4. What is Lily's immediate response to the offer Simon Rosedale makes to her in book 2, chapter 11 ?

5. Why is George Dorset upset when Lily meets him on her way back to the yacht from the casino?

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