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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Lily visit the morning after Simon Rosedale makes his offer to her?
(a) Gus Trenor.
(b) Simon Rosedale.
(c) Bertha Dorset.
(d) Lawrence Selden.

2. Why does Lily go to Alaska?
(a) Carry Fischer suggests Lily take her place with Carry Fischer's new family.
(b) Carry Fischer suggests there will be wealthy bachelors on the trip.
(c) Carry Fischer suggests that Lily find a new place to start over.
(d) Wealthy distant relatives of Lily live in Alaska.

3. What happens in book 1, chapter 15, as Lily is about to accept Simon Rosedale's marriage proposal?
(a) Lily's aunt discovers the truth about Lily's debt and asks her to leave the house.
(b) Drunk, Gus Trenor shows up at Lily's door.
(c) She accepts an invitation from the Dorsets to cruise the Mediterranean.
(d) Lawrence Selden proposes to Lily.

4. How does Lily respond to what Simon Rosedale suggests she do with the letters she purchased from Lawrence Selden's cleaning woman?
(a) She refuses to consider his idea.
(b) She agrees that it is a good idea.
(c) She laughs at the idea.
(d) She becomes angry and walks away from Simon Rosedale.

5. What does Lawrence Selden tell Lily about the Dorsets' possible divorce?
(a) They want to divorce immediately.
(b) They both blame Lily for forcing them to consider divorce.
(c) They have made up and probably won't divorce.
(d) They will wait until they return home to finalize their divorce.

6. Why does Nettie Struther invite Lily to her home after seeing Lily in the park?
(a) Lily wants to see Nettie's husband.
(b) Lily looks ill.
(c) Nettie needs help caring for her house and child.
(d) Nettie wants Lily to see how well she has done.

7. What does Simon Rosedale tell Lily to do with the letters she purchased from Lawrence Selden's cleaning woman?
(a) Give the letters to him for safekeeping.
(b) Use the letters to blackmail George and Bertha Dorset into clearing her name.
(c) Give the letters back to Lawrence Selden.
(d) Burn the letters.

8. When Lily sits in the park to rest, what is she thinking about her sleep medication?
(a) She is afraid the chemist will discontinue the prescription.
(b) She is concerned about her addiction.
(c) She is afraid Mrs. Hatch will discover that she stole the prescription.
(d) She is worried that it is no longer working.

9. Which friend remains faithful to Lily after her aunt dies?
(a) Judy Trenor.
(b) George Dorset.
(c) Bertha Dorset.
(d) Gerty Farish.

10. In book 2, chapter 2, how does Bertha Dorset intend to clear her own name regarding the rumors about her and Ned Silverton?
(a) She is going to speak to Lawrence Selden.
(b) She is going to confront Carry Fischer about spreading gossip.
(c) She is going to blame Lily for the problems between her and George.
(d) She is going to confront George.

11. What does Lily's aunt assume Lily's debt is for?
(a) Gambling.
(b) A vacation.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Entertainment.

12. In book 2, chapter 7, how does Lily feel when Simon Rosedale explains why he refuses to marry her?
(a) Relieved that she is now free to marry George Dorset.
(b) Crushed by his refusal.
(c) Refreshed by his honesty.
(d) Insulted by his reasons.

13. What is Lily's reaction after aunt's will is read?
(a) Relief.
(b) Hysterics.
(c) Jubilation.
(d) Shock.

14. How does Lily react to Lawrence Selden's request regarding her new job and living arrangements in book 2, chapter 9?
(a) She immediately agrees.
(b) She laughs at him.
(c) She resists his request.
(d) She asks for time to think.

15. How does Lily relate Ned Silverton's situation with Bertha Dorset to her own life?
(a) Lily thinks it is quite romantic and wishes the same from her future husband.
(b) Lily is excited that she is now free to marry George Dorset.
(c) Lily is afraid she will become poor and need to support herself.
(d) Lily is relieved that Ned Silverton occupies Bertha's time, so Bertha leaves Lily alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. In book 2, chapter 2, who does Lily decide to become friends with after Carry Fischer warns Lily about her behavior the previous night ?

2. What does Lily confess to Lawrence Selden in book 2, chapter 12?

3. In book 2, chapter 9, what does Lawrence Selden want Lily to do regarding her new position and living situation?

4. What is Lily's alternative to her new position?

5. In book 2, chapter 6, why does George Dorset apologize to Lily while at the Gormers ?

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