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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1: Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did the hostess of the party promise Mrs. George Dorset would be at the party?
(a) Percy Gryce.
(b) Gus Trenor.
(c) Lawrence Selden.
(d) Simon Rosedale.

2. In book 1, chapter 6, what does Lily admit to Lawrence Selden about Percy Gryce as they walk together on Sunday afternoon ?
(a) She admits that she knows Percy feels nothing for her.
(b) Their walk was to entice Percy.
(c) She admits that Percy told her to stop smoking or he won't marry her.
(d) She admits that she proposed to Percy.

3. What is Lily wondering about the night before she intends to go to Sunday morning church services with Percy Gryce?
(a) If Lawrence Selden came to Bellomont to see her or Bertha Dorset.
(b) If she should really go through with her plan to win over Percy Gryce.
(c) If she should agree to marry Simon Rosedale.
(d) If she should ask Gus Trenor for a loan

4. What does Lily actually do with the letters she acquired from Mrs. Haffen, Lawrence Selden's cleaning lady?
(a) Gives them to Gerty Farish for safekeeping.
(b) Gives them back to Lawrence Selden.
(c) Hides them.
(d) Burns them.

5. Who appears at the party at Bellomont at the end of the third day?
(a) Simon Rosedale.
(b) Percy Gryce.
(c) Gus Trenor.
(d) Lawrence Selden.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lily tell Simon when he questions her presence at Lawrence's apartment building?

2. Why does Lawrence Selden call Lily a coward during their walk?

3. How does Lily feel when she learns that Gus Trenor told Simon Rosedale about their financial arrangement?

4. Who is Mrs. Van Osburgh?

5. Why is Lily Bart waiting for a train when she is first introduced in the book?

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