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Essay Topic 1

Clytemnestra determines to revenge her daughter’s murder. Why does Clytemnestra determine to revenge Iphigenia’s death? What do her actions reveal about vengeance and the consequences of vengeance?

Essay Topic 2

Clytemnestra does not believe that the gods direct human behavior. Why does Clytemnestra decide that the gods to not direct human behavior? What does she believe about the freewill of humans?

Essay Topic 3

Orestes is a young boy when the novel begins. How is Orestes’ character developed in the novel? What physical and internal journeys does he take, and how do those journeys shape the man he becomes?

Essay Topic 4

Several characters are murdered in the novel. How do various characters view murder? Does murder ever seem to be justified? Do character consider morality when committing murder?

Essay Topic 5

Leander is a young boy when he and Orestes are kidnapped. How does Leander’s character...

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