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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Stapleton convince Mrs. Lyons to not meet with Sir Charles the night he died?
(a) Stapleton tells her that Sir Charles is too ill to meet with her.
(b) Stapleton says that he fears it is too dangerous for her to go alone.
(c) Stapleton said he was too proud to allow another man to help her.
(d) Stapleton convinces her that Sir Charles does not wish to see her.

2. What does Sir Henry do when Barrymore refuses to answer his questions?
(a) He cuts Barrymore's pay.
(b) He strikes Barrymore.
(c) He fires Barrymore.
(d) He threatens to tell everyone Barrymore is the murderer.

3. What is Frankland wishing to celebrate?
(a) He won a lawsuit.
(b) He found the hound.
(c) He won a large settlement.
(d) He has decided to reunite with his daughter.

4. While Sir Henry is being entertained in Merripit House, what do Holmes and Watson observe Stapleton doing?
(a) Stapleton goes to the Grimpen Mire.
(b) Stapleton lets his horses loose.
(c) Stapleton goes to the outhouse.
(d) Stapleton is sobbing.

5. According to Holmes and Watson's deductions, who must have sent the message of warning to Sir Henry in London?
(a) Frankland.
(b) Dr. Mortimer.
(c) Miss Stapleton.
(d) Stapleton.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the deal Stapleton strikes with Sir Henry?

2. Why is Watson upset at Holmes's deception?

3. Who approaches Watson and Holmes after the discovery of the body on the moor?

4. Why is Watson glad to see Holmes after going to the stone hut?

5. How is Chapter 8 narrated?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Holmes survive all those weeks on the moor?

2. What is significant about the discovery of Sir Henry's boot in Grimpen Mire?

3. How did Stapleton deceive Mrs. Lyons?

4. What is the arrangement between Selden and the Barrymores, and how did it come to be?

5. What does Watson believe about the supernatural possibilities of the hound?

6. Why can Holmes not arrest Stapleton?

7. Why did Barrymore not tell anyone about the burnt letter?

8. Why does Watson refer to Mr. Frankland as much needed "comic relief?"

9. Why is Watson hurt about Holmes's deception?

10. Why does Frankland file so many lawsuits?

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