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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word is the only one not taken from a newspaper with Sir Henry's object?
(a) Moor.
(b) Henry.
(c) Baskerville.
(d) Hound.

2. Where does chapter one take place?
(a) Canada.
(b) Wales.
(c) London.
(d) Devonshire.

3. How did Dr. Mortimer deduce that Sir Charles had stood at the gate for five to ten minutes?
(a) He watched Sir Charles the night he died.
(b) Sir Charles marked time with pebbles.
(c) He noticed that cigar ash had dropped twice.
(d) Sir Charles's watch had been smashed.

4. What about the handwriting reveals to Holmes that the object originated at a hotel?
(a) The splatters showed that the ink bottle was running dry, common for hotels but not for personal use.
(b) He recognized the ink.
(c) The handwriting is too neat to not belong to a hotel clerk.
(d) The handwriting is messy, meaning someone uneducated wrote it.

5. How did the cabman describe the bearded man?
(a) Around forty and of military bearing.
(b) Around forty, pale, and of average height.
(c) Around sixty and gray.
(d) Around thirty, dark complected, and tall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dangerous place on the moor has claimed the lives of several people and animals?

2. Who is the man that brought the curse upon the Baskervilles?

3. What does C.C.H (engraved on the stick) stand for?

4. When Dr. Mortimer arrives at the rooms, what is revealed that annoys Holmes?

5. What does Stapleton reveal that shocks Watson?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Stapleton give for his objection to Sir Henry courting his sister?

2. Why is Dr. Mortimer concerned about Sir Henry's safety?

3. Why does Watson say that Sir Henry appears to have inherited the Baskerville temper?

4. What happens when Sir Henry walks out of Stapleton's house?

5. What is significant about the discovery of Sir Henry's boot in Grimpen Mire?

6. Why does Frankland file so many lawsuits?

7. Why can Holmes not arrest Stapleton?

8. How did Stapleton treat his wife and why did he tie her up?

9. According to Mrs. Barrymore, how did Selden become the man he is?

10. What does Watson believe about the supernatural possibilities of the hound?

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