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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Watson keep hearing from the moor?
(a) A man screaming.
(b) The baying of a hound.
(c) A woman sobbing.
(d) A train.

2. According to Barrymore, what is the plan for Selden?
(a) Selden will leave for France in a week.
(b) Selden will live alone on the moor.
(c) Selden will leave in a few days for South America.
(d) Selden will assume a new identity in Wales.

3. What does Holmes's discovery of the portrait reveal?
(a) Sir Henry is not a Baskerville.
(b) Hugo never existed.
(c) Stapleton is a Baskerville.
(d) Sir Charles is still alive.

4. What sort of dog is the hound?
(a) English sheepdog.
(b) Part great dane and part greyhound.
(c) Part mastiff and bloodhound.
(d) Pure great dane.

5. Who is bringing Holmes supplies at the hut?
(a) Cartwright.
(b) Anthony.
(c) Sir Henry.
(d) Lestrade.

6. Where do Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade situate themselves?
(a) Near Stapleton's house.
(b) Outside of Baskerville Hall.
(c) By the Grimpen Mire.
(d) Near Lew Trenchard.

7. Who approaches Watson and Holmes after the discovery of the body on the moor?
(a) Barrymore.
(b) Selden.
(c) Dr. Mortimer.
(d) Stapleton.

8. In his gratitude for Sir Henry's decision about Selden, what does Barrymore reveal to Sir Henry and Watson?
(a) Sir Charles knew he was going to die.
(b) Sir Charles was hoping to confront the hound head-on.
(c) Sir Charles was at the gate to meet a woman.
(d) Sir Charles was protecting Mrs. Barrymore.

9. Why is the woman who wrote the letter to Sir Charles estranged from her family?
(a) She did not wish to be a traditional housewife.
(b) She had a child out of wedlock.
(c) She divorced her husband.
(d) She married without her father's consent.

10. What do the men deduce happened to Stapleton?
(a) He fell from a cliff.
(b) He was killed by the hound.
(c) He drowned in the Grimpen Mire.
(d) He escaped.

11. What is Sir Henry to do while at dinner with the Stapletons?
(a) He is to tell Mrs. Stapleton of Mrs. Lyons.
(b) He is to ask Mrs. Stapleton to marry him.
(c) He is to tell them that he is walking home alone.
(d) He is to tell them that Sherlock Holmes died on the moors.

12. Because of the convict and out of concern for the Stapletons, what did Sir Henry offer to them, which Stapleton turned down?
(a) The company of Perkins, Sir Henry's groom.
(b) The company of Sir Henry.
(c) The company of Watson.
(d) The company of Barrymore.

13. Where does Stapleton take Sir Henry and Watson in Chapter 8?
(a) Hound's Tor.
(b) The Grimpen Mire.
(c) The area where, according to the story, Hugo Baskerville was killed.
(d) The place where the convict is believed to have been last seen.

14. What does Mrs. Lyons credit to Sir Charles?
(a) Sir Charles dispelled the rumors going around about her.
(b) Sir Charles single-handedly saved the church from going under.
(c) Sir Charles helped her start her business and kept her on her feet.
(d) Sir Charles helped her procure her divorce.

15. How did the man found on the moor die?
(a) He was shot.
(b) He sank into the Grimpen Mire.
(c) He was chased off a cliff.
(d) He was trampled by a Devonshire pony.

Short Answer Questions

1. After hearing a man scream on the moor, what do Watson and Holmes hear next?

2. According to Watson, what is one of Holmes's faults?

3. What has excited Dr. Mortimer?

4. What captures Holmes's attention in Baskerville Hall?

5. What possible motive for Barrymore's strange behavior does Watson surmise?

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