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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Barrymore confess?
(a) Her husband is cheating on her.
(b) The escaped convict is her brother.
(c) They inadvertently led Sir Charles to his death.
(d) She is cheating on her husband.

2. How did Barrymore make the discovery of why Sir Charles went to the gate the night he died?
(a) Mrs. Barrymore found the charred remains of a letter.
(b) Mrs. Barrymore made plans to help Sir Charles to the gate.
(c) Barrymore followed Sir Charles to the gate.
(d) Barrymore overheard a conversation with Sir Charles.

3. To whom does this statement apply: "Evil indeed is the man who has not one woman to mourn him" ?
(a) Selden.
(b) Frankland.
(c) Stapleton.
(d) Barrymore.

4. What had Stapleton falsely promised Mrs. Lyons?
(a) He promised to marry her after she was granted a divorce.
(b) He promised to help her pursue a suit with Sir Henry.
(c) He promised to help her leave the country.
(d) He promised to give her Baskerville Hall.

5. Why did Stapleton tie up and gag his wife?
(a) She was going to run away.
(b) She tried to kill her husband.
(c) She was going to try to kill Sir Henry herself.
(d) To prevent her from warning Sir Henry.

6. What does Holmes's discovery of the portrait reveal?
(a) Sir Charles is still alive.
(b) Sir Henry is not a Baskerville.
(c) Hugo never existed.
(d) Stapleton is a Baskerville.

7. Why is Watson glad to see Holmes after going to the stone hut?
(a) He was worried for Holmes's safety.
(b) The case is beginning to overwhelm Watson.
(c) He believes he is being followed.
(d) He is scared to walk back to Baskerville Hall alone.

8. What do the men deduce happened to Stapleton?
(a) He fell from a cliff.
(b) He escaped.
(c) He drowned in the Grimpen Mire.
(d) He was killed by the hound.

9. How does the hound die?
(a) The hound is nearly starved to death and collapses from exhaustion.
(b) The hound is chased into the Grimpen Mire.
(c) The hound is caught in a steel trap.
(d) The hound is shot several times by Holmes.

10. Watson tells Sir Henry that the postmaster claims that the telegram was actually delivered to Mrs. Barrymore, and Barrymore himself was nowhere in sight. When Sir Henry questions his servant, what does Barrymore reveal to Sir Henry?
(a) Barrymore admits that his wife answered the telegram in his stead.
(b) Barrymore admits that he was the man in London.
(c) Barrymore admits that he has been walking the halls at night.
(d) Barrymore admits that he sent Sir Henry the warning letter.

11. To what does Stapleton seem opposed?
(a) He appears to disapprove of the growing affection between his sister and Sir Henry.
(b) He appears to be opposed to all the constables in the area.
(c) He appears to be opposed to walking on the moor alone.
(d) He appears to be opposed to Sir Henry's Americanisms.

12. Who approaches Watson and Holmes after the discovery of the body on the moor?
(a) Barrymore.
(b) Dr. Mortimer.
(c) Selden.
(d) Stapleton.

13. On the moor, what does Watson find himself unable to do?
(a) Reassure Sir Henry that the hound is not real.
(b) Leave a hurt animal behind.
(c) Go further into the Grimpen Mire.
(d) Shoot the unarmed convict.

14. Where do Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade situate themselves?
(a) Outside of Baskerville Hall.
(b) Near Lew Trenchard.
(c) Near Stapleton's house.
(d) By the Grimpen Mire.

15. What is Sir Henry to do while at dinner with the Stapletons?
(a) He is to tell Mrs. Stapleton of Mrs. Lyons.
(b) He is to tell them that Sherlock Holmes died on the moors.
(c) He is to ask Mrs. Stapleton to marry him.
(d) He is to tell them that he is walking home alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. After asking questions about Frankland's daughter, how does Watson distract Dr. Mortimer from asking any questions?

2. What has excited Dr. Mortimer?

3. What captures Holmes's attention in Baskerville Hall?

4. Who arrives from London to help Holmes?

5. After learning that Mrs. Barrymore answered the telegram for her husband, what does Watson observe about the lady?

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