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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After asking questions about Frankland's daughter, how does Watson distract Dr. Mortimer from asking any questions?
(a) Watson asks to hear the story of the hound again.
(b) Watson asks about the doctor's family.
(c) Watson asks about Frankland's skull.
(d) Watson asks to hear other local legends that could be influencing the perceived sightings of the hound.

2. According to the letter to Holmes, what is the status on the escaped convict?
(a) The convict will likely be caught soon.
(b) The convict has likely escaped the area.
(c) The convict will likely turn himself in to escape the inhospitable moor.
(d) The convict has probably died out on the moors.

3. According to Mrs. Lyons, what did she do the night she was to meet with Sir Charles?
(a) She was detained by a private matter, but sent a telegram to Sir Charles to not meet her.
(b) She met with Sir Charles, but nothing happened.
(c) She was detained by a private matter and did not make the meeting.
(d) She met with Sir Charles and saw the hound.

4. What has excited Dr. Mortimer?
(a) He found a prehistoric skull on an excavation.
(b) He found evidence of the hound.
(c) He found gold in the soil.
(d) He found where the convict is hiding.

5. In his correspondence with Holmes, what happens the previous night that rouses Watson's suspicion?
(a) He sees Mrs. Barrymore going outside by herself.
(b) He sees Barrymore sneak to a window and light a candle.
(c) He sees Barrymore quickly packing his trunk.
(d) He sees Mrs. Barrymore burning a letter.

6. What manner of narration is used in Chapter 10?
(a) Dr. Mortimer's journal entries.
(b) Dr. Watson's journal entries.
(c) Letters to Dr. Mortimer.
(d) Letters to Holmes.

7. To whom does this statement apply: "Evil indeed is the man who has not one woman to mourn him" ?
(a) Selden.
(b) Barrymore.
(c) Frankland.
(d) Stapleton.

8. What is the deal Stapleton strikes with Sir Henry?
(a) Henry will allow Miss Stapleton to accompany him on a trip to London.
(b) Henry will go with Stapleton on a moth-catching expedition so that he might get to know his sister's suitor better.
(c) Henry will allow Stapleton to inspect the grounds every night for signs of the hound.
(d) Henry will build a friendship with Miss Stapleton for three months, after which he will be allowed to start wooing her.

9. Who is L.L.?
(a) Laura Lols, the cousin of Stapleton.
(b) Laura Lyons, the daughter of Frankland.
(c) There is no L.L.
(d) Laura Lancaster, the youngest sister of Frankland.

10. While searching for Selden on the moor, what frightens both Sir Henry and Watson?
(a) They see a man sink into the Grimpen Mire.
(b) They find a dead body.
(c) They hear someone screaming for help.
(d) They hear a hound howling on the moor.

11. Why is Barrymore angry after Sir Henry and Watson learn the truth of his strange behavior?
(a) He does not believe Watson and Sir Henry should have hunted after Selden.
(b) No one believes him when he tells them of the hound.
(c) He believes they were rude to his wife.
(d) Sir Henry refuses to allow the Barrymores to leave for London.

12. While Sir Henry is inside Merripit House, what begins to happen that Holmes fears could disrupt their plan?
(a) A windstorm brews.
(b) Lestrade begins to feel ill.
(c) It begins to rain.
(d) The fog rolls in.

13. What happens when Sir Henry begins his walk home?
(a) Gunshots are heard.
(b) Mrs. Stapleton cries out.
(c) The hound appears.
(d) It begins to storm.

14. Who is bringing Holmes supplies at the hut?
(a) Anthony.
(b) Sir Henry.
(c) Cartwright.
(d) Lestrade.

15. Why is Watson feeling coldly towards Frankland?
(a) He disapproves of Frankland's abandonment of his daughter.
(b) He believes Frankland abused his daughter.
(c) He believes Frankland had a hand in Sir Charles's death.
(d) He believes Frankland is the one stirring up rumors of the hound.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the man found on the moor die?

2. Watson tells Sir Henry that the postmaster claims that the telegram was actually delivered to Mrs. Barrymore, and Barrymore himself was nowhere in sight. When Sir Henry questions his servant, what does Barrymore reveal to Sir Henry?

3. After learning that Mrs. Barrymore answered the telegram for her husband, what does Watson observe about the lady?

4. Why is Watson glad to see Holmes after going to the stone hut?

5. Why does Sir Henry decide that they must go capture Selden?

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