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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After asking questions about Frankland's daughter, how does Watson distract Dr. Mortimer from asking any questions?
(a) Watson asks to hear other local legends that could be influencing the perceived sightings of the hound.
(b) Watson asks to hear the story of the hound again.
(c) Watson asks about Frankland's skull.
(d) Watson asks about the doctor's family.

2. What is Sir Henry to do while at dinner with the Stapletons?
(a) He is to ask Mrs. Stapleton to marry him.
(b) He is to tell them that Sherlock Holmes died on the moors.
(c) He is to tell Mrs. Stapleton of Mrs. Lyons.
(d) He is to tell them that he is walking home alone.

3. What does Stapleton do when he visits Baskerville Hall after Watson has followed Sir Henry?
(a) Stapleton apologizes for his rudeness to Sir Henry in regards to his sister.
(b) Stapleton attempts to pay Sir Henry to leave for London.
(c) Stapleton strikes Sir Henry for talking to his sister.
(d) Stapleton tries to hire the Barrymores away from Sir Henry.

4. What manner of narration is used in Chapter 10?
(a) Letters to Dr. Mortimer.
(b) Letters to Holmes.
(c) Dr. Watson's journal entries.
(d) Dr. Mortimer's journal entries.

5. What does Frankland show Watson on his telescope?
(a) Watson sees the young boy delivering food to the man on the moor.
(b) Watson sees the hound.
(c) Watson sees Sir Henry out by himself.
(d) Watson sees the man on the moor.

6. What state is Sir Henry left in after the attack and the truth about the Stapletons is revealed?
(a) Sir Henry becomes murderously angry.
(b) Sir Henry becomes deliriously ill from strain.
(c) Sir Henry is immensely relieved to be rid of them.
(d) Sir Henry is in a vegetative state of shock.

7. To whom does this statement apply: "Evil indeed is the man who has not one woman to mourn him" ?
(a) Barrymore.
(b) Frankland.
(c) Stapleton.
(d) Selden.

8. How did Barrymore make the discovery of why Sir Charles went to the gate the night he died?
(a) Barrymore followed Sir Charles to the gate.
(b) Mrs. Barrymore made plans to help Sir Charles to the gate.
(c) Barrymore overheard a conversation with Sir Charles.
(d) Mrs. Barrymore found the charred remains of a letter.

9. What is the deal Stapleton strikes with Sir Henry?
(a) Henry will allow Stapleton to inspect the grounds every night for signs of the hound.
(b) Henry will build a friendship with Miss Stapleton for three months, after which he will be allowed to start wooing her.
(c) Henry will go with Stapleton on a moth-catching expedition so that he might get to know his sister's suitor better.
(d) Henry will allow Miss Stapleton to accompany him on a trip to London.

10. What was spread over the hound to give it a ghoulish look?
(a) Swamp water.
(b) Oil.
(c) Phosphorous.
(d) Ink.

11. While Sir Henry is inside Merripit House, what begins to happen that Holmes fears could disrupt their plan?
(a) A windstorm brews.
(b) The fog rolls in.
(c) Lestrade begins to feel ill.
(d) It begins to rain.

12. When Holmes has Watson focus solely on the face in the portrait, what does Watson see?
(a) Stapleton looks exactly like Hugo.
(b) Sir Charles and Hugo look identical.
(c) Frankland looks exactly like Hugo.
(d) Barrymore looks exactly like Hugo.

13. What revelation upsets Laura Lyons?
(a) Frankland is not her father.
(b) Stapleton is married.
(c) Sir Henry is related to her.
(d) Sir Charles is still alive.

14. What does Watson deduce about the candle?
(a) He realizes that Barrymore is merely trying to write in secret at night.
(b) He realizes that Barrymore is plotting to burn down Baskerville Hall.
(c) He realizes that Barrymore is using it to burn letters.
(d) He realizes it is a signal.

15. In his gratitude for Sir Henry's decision about Selden, what does Barrymore reveal to Sir Henry and Watson?
(a) Sir Charles knew he was going to die.
(b) Sir Charles was protecting Mrs. Barrymore.
(c) Sir Charles was hoping to confront the hound head-on.
(d) Sir Charles was at the gate to meet a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Chapter 8 narrated?

2. What assures Watson that the hound is mortal?

3. According to Watson, what is one of Holmes's faults?

4. After hearing a man scream on the moor, what do Watson and Holmes hear next?

5. Who is the man that was killed on the moor?

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