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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Mortimer read out loud to Watson and Holmes?
(a) Sir Charles's last will and testament.
(b) A newspaper article.
(c) The legend of the Baskerville hound.
(d) Maps of Devonshire.

2. What name did the bearded man who followed Sir Henry give the cabman?
(a) Sherlock Holmes.
(b) Professor James Moriarty.
(c) Dr. John Watson.
(d) Sir Henry Baskerville.

3. Why does Holmes change his mind about Sir Henry going to Baskerville Hall?
(a) Holmes knows now that Sir Henry is being followed in London.
(b) Holmes realizes Sir Henry will not get any work done in London.
(c) Holmes realizes that Baskerville Hall is not dangerous.
(d) Sir Henry announces that he plans to tear down Baskerville Hall.

4. How does Holmes go about his search for the cut-up newspaper?
(a) Holmes sends Watson to check the wastepaper.
(b) He hires a boy named Cartwright to bribe the postman.
(c) He hires a boy named Cartwright to search the wastepaper of each hotel in Charing Cross.
(d) Holmes checks the wastepaper himself.

5. What does the postmaster inadvertently reveal to Watson?
(a) The telegram was delivered to Mrs. Barrymore, not her husband.
(b) Sir Henry has a package of mail waiting for him.
(c) Sir Charles had a mysterious package delivered to him the day before his death.
(d) One of the neighbors has been reading Sir Charles's mail.

6. How does Holmes describe the walking stick?
(a) The mark of a careless, untrustworthy man.
(b) A visiting card from the absent-minded.
(c) A present.
(d) A rude gesture.

7. After questioning Dr. Mortimer about the discovery of Sir Charles's body, what is Holmes annoyed about?
(a) He wishes Dr. Mortimer had called him in sooner.
(b) He believes Dr. Mortimer is paranoid.
(c) He thinks this case is a waste of time.
(d) He does not care for Sir Charles.

8. How does Hugo's captive escape?
(a) She used the entrance to the yew alley.
(b) She bribed his servant.
(c) She sneaked out of his bedroom.
(d) She crawled down the ivy-covered wall.

9. How is Holmes able to deduce the size of Dr. Mortimer's dog?
(a) Holmes sees marks of measurement on the walking stick.
(b) Holmes sees the scratch marks on the bottom of the staff.
(c) Holmes looks at the size and spacing of the teeth marks on the doctor's walking stick.
(d) Holmes guesses.

10. Who is Sir Charles's heir?
(a) Henry Baskerville.
(b) Charles Baskerville II.
(c) Harry Baskerville.
(d) Hugo Baskerville.

11. What health concern, exacerbated by the story of the hound, did Sir Charles possess?
(a) He had the gout.
(b) He had cancer.
(c) He had a heart condition.
(d) He had diabetes.

12. What possibility does Holmes rule out when he discovers that Henry does not have a will?
(a) Holmes realizes that Sir Henry may be the murderer.
(b) Holmes decides that one of Henry's heirs is the culprit.
(c) Holmes decides that one of Henry's heirs could not be the culprit.
(d) Holmes decides that there is no murderer.

13. What would Dr. Mortimer like to do?
(a) Study Holmes's skull.
(b) Take Holmes and Watson to dinner.
(c) Play violin with Holmes.
(d) Write a letter to Holmes.

14. What does Miss Stapleton tell Watson when she first meets him on the moor?
(a) She tells him she is going to kill herself in three nights.
(b) She tells him she knows Sherlock Holmes is around.
(c) She tells him to return to London.
(d) She tells him she knows who killed Sir Charles.

15. What about the handwriting reveals to Holmes that the object originated at a hotel?
(a) The handwriting is messy, meaning someone uneducated wrote it.
(b) The handwriting is too neat to not belong to a hotel clerk.
(c) He recognized the ink.
(d) The splatters showed that the ink bottle was running dry, common for hotels but not for personal use.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was found near Sir Charles's body?

2. How does Holmes trick the hotel clerk into talking about guests who have checked in after Sir Henry?

3. Why is Sir Henry saddened at the thought of losing the Barrymores?

4. What is the Baskerville curse?

5. What is Watson's impression of Miss Stapleton?

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