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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Watson's impression of Miss Stapleton?
(a) He finds her to be very plain and sturdy.
(b) He finds her to be beautiful and out of place.
(c) He finds her to be very humorous.
(d) He finds her off-putting.

2. What does C.C.H (engraved on the stick) stand for?
(a) Charing Cross Hospital.
(b) Christian Cross Hospital.
(c) Charing Court Hospital.
(d) Christian Care Hospital.

3. What does Sir Henry receive the morning he meets Holmes?
(a) A bank note.
(b) A telegram from Canada.
(c) A letter.
(d) A walking stick.

4. What health concern, exacerbated by the story of the hound, did Sir Charles possess?
(a) He had the gout.
(b) He had diabetes.
(c) He had a heart condition.
(d) He had cancer.

5. How does Holmes trick the hotel clerk into talking about guests who have checked in after Sir Henry?
(a) Holmes claims to recognize the names and was wondering if they were friends of his.
(b) Holmes makes the clerk think he is asking about Sir Henry's relatives.
(c) Holmes distracts him while Watson looks at the registry.
(d) Holmes asks about Sir Henry.

6. What did Sir Henry discover was missing before he left to see Holmes with Dr. Mortimer?
(a) A brown hat.
(b) An old suitcoat.
(c) An old boot.
(d) A brown boot.

7. How does Holmes propose to find the sender of Sir Henry's object?
(a) He suggests they check all the trashcans for the cut-up newspaper near Charing Cross.
(b) He marks the letter to be returned to the sender.
(c) He asks the postman.
(d) He suggests Sir Henry reply to it.

8. What is the Baskerville curse?
(a) Any descendent of the Baskervilles is to never cross the moor at night, though several have died violently.
(b) The Baskervilles are cursed to turn into hounds if they become like Hugo.
(c) A hound will visit Baskerville Hall every full moon to take one of the men away.
(d) The hound will avenge the death of any Baskerville.

9. Why do Barrymore and his wife wish to leave Baskerville Hall?
(a) They have a better opportunity with another household.
(b) They are shaken up by the death of Sir Charles.
(c) They like Sir Henry, but do not wish to serve someone who is not English.
(d) They do not care for Sir Henry.

10. What does Holmes have Watson send up to him?
(a) Brandy.
(b) His violin.
(c) Cocaine.
(d) Tobacco.

11. According to Watson, who is the owner of the stick?
(a) A middle-aged scientist.
(b) A young, city doctor.
(c) Sherlock Holmes.
(d) An elderly, country doctor.

12. What does Holmes advise to Watson before Watson leaves for Devonshire with Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer?
(a) To always have a dog with him.
(b) To stay armed at all times.
(c) To take up smoking.
(d) To never go out on the moor.

13. According to Dr. Mortimer, why did no one else notice the strange marks near the body?
(a) The prints were too far away.
(b) No one cared.
(c) Everyone was drunk.
(d) He was the only one there.

14. What would Dr. Mortimer like to do?
(a) Study Holmes's skull.
(b) Take Holmes and Watson to dinner.
(c) Write a letter to Holmes.
(d) Play violin with Holmes.

15. Where did Sir Charles die?
(a) The entrance to his bedroom.
(b) The entrance of the yew alley.
(c) Fox Tor.
(d) Grimpen Mire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the first telegram to Holmes reveal?

2. What newspaper does Holmes find the original newsprint from?

3. When questioned by Sir Henry about the strange sound in the night, what lie does Barrymore tell?

4. According to Holmes, who must Watson focus on as suspects?

5. What does Watson hear alone at night in Chapter 6?

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