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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After leaving Frankland's manor, where does Watson go?
(a) He goes to the Fox Tor to search for Sir Henry.
(b) He goes to the spot where he saw the boy.
(c) He goes to the Grimpen Mire.
(d) He goes back to Baskerville Hall.

2. What excites Sir Henry on the journey where he cries out in delight?
(a) He is excited to be back in Devonshire.
(b) He sees a herd of wild ponies running over the moor.
(c) He sees a beautiful woman.
(d) He sees the moor people welcoming him to Baskerville Hall.

3. What does Sir Henry do that Holmes strongly advises against?
(a) He tried to track down the murderer himself.
(b) He tried to go to the bank.
(c) He spent an afternoon alone.
(d) He wrote to his servants.

4. To what does Stapleton seem opposed?
(a) He appears to be opposed to walking on the moor alone.
(b) He appears to disapprove of the growing affection between his sister and Sir Henry.
(c) He appears to be opposed to Sir Henry's Americanisms.
(d) He appears to be opposed to all the constables in the area.

5. Why is Sir Henry saddened at the thought of losing the Barrymores?
(a) The Barrymores have served his family for generations.
(b) He thinks they are overreacting to Sir Charles's death.
(c) He does not know how to serve himself.
(d) He believes it is his fault they are leaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his correspondence with Holmes, what happens the previous night that rouses Watson's suspicion?

2. What else does Holmes suspect Stapleton was responsible for?

3. What must Sir Henry do to help Holmes solve the case?

4. How did Barrymore make the discovery of why Sir Charles went to the gate the night he died?

5. How does Watson know Barrymore is lying?

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