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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Dr. Mortimer, why did no one else notice the strange marks near the body?
(a) He was the only one there.
(b) No one cared.
(c) The prints were too far away.
(d) Everyone was drunk.

2. How is Holmes able to deduce the size of Dr. Mortimer's dog?
(a) Holmes sees marks of measurement on the walking stick.
(b) Holmes looks at the size and spacing of the teeth marks on the doctor's walking stick.
(c) Holmes sees the scratch marks on the bottom of the staff.
(d) Holmes guesses.

3. What does Mrs. Lyons credit to Sir Charles?
(a) Sir Charles helped her start her business and kept her on her feet.
(b) Sir Charles dispelled the rumors going around about her.
(c) Sir Charles helped her procure her divorce.
(d) Sir Charles single-handedly saved the church from going under.

4. After learning that Mrs. Barrymore answered the telegram for her husband, what does Watson observe about the lady?
(a) She appears to be very ill.
(b) She appears to be very frightened at the story of the hound.
(c) She appears to not have a care in the world.
(d) She appears to be in a deep sorrow of mysterious origin.

5. What is the object left behind on which Watson tries to deduce a reconstruction of the mysterious owner?
(a) A walking stick.
(b) A notebook.
(c) A boot.
(d) A hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dr. Mortimer arrives at the rooms, what is revealed that annoys Holmes?

2. What does Sir Henry plan to do to the yew bridge?

3. How did Sir Charles hear about Mrs. Lyons's situation?

4. Where is the man on the moor staying?

5. How does Holmes go about his search for the cut-up newspaper?

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