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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is following Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer when they leave Holmes and Watson's rooms?
(a) A woman dressed up as a man.
(b) A street urchin.
(c) A man with a possibly fake beard.
(d) A man dressed up as a priest.

2. What newspaper does Holmes find the original newsprint from?
(a) The previous day's London Times.
(b) The current London TImes.
(c) The current Devonshire Times.
(d) The previous day's Devonshire Times.

3. What does Sir Henry do when Barrymore refuses to answer his questions?
(a) He fires Barrymore.
(b) He cuts Barrymore's pay.
(c) He threatens to tell everyone Barrymore is the murderer.
(d) He strikes Barrymore.

4. What is the address of the rooms that Watson and Holmes share?
(a) 112 A Devonshire Boulevard.
(b) 221 South London Street.
(c) 221 B Baker Street.
(d) 221 B Butcher Avenue.

5. What had Stapleton falsely promised Mrs. Lyons?
(a) He promised to give her Baskerville Hall.
(b) He promised to help her leave the country.
(c) He promised to marry her after she was granted a divorce.
(d) He promised to help her pursue a suit with Sir Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of accent does Sir Henry possess?

2. After Watson tells Holmes about his conversation with Laura Lyons, what does Holmes reveal to his partner about Miss Stapleton?

3. According to Holmes, who must Watson focus on as suspects?

4. Why is Watson feeling coldly towards Frankland?

5. What does Sir Henry plan to do to the yew bridge?

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