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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Watson observe that Sir Henry has inherited from his ancestors?
(a) The temper.
(b) The intelligence.
(c) The cruelty.
(d) The godlessness.

2. Who is the man that brought the curse upon the Baskervilles?
(a) Hugo Baskerville.
(b) Charles Baskerville.
(c) Henry Baskerville.
(d) Hank Baskerville.

3. What newspaper does Holmes find the original newsprint from?
(a) The previous day's London Times.
(b) The current Devonshire Times.
(c) The current London TImes.
(d) The previous day's Devonshire Times.

4. Who is Sir Charles's heir?
(a) Henry Baskerville.
(b) Charles Baskerville II.
(c) Hugo Baskerville.
(d) Harry Baskerville.

5. Who does Dr. Mortimer say has a beard like the man that was following them?
(a) Barrymore's brother.
(b) Barrymore, Sir Charles's butler.
(c) Frankland, one of the Baskerville neighbors.
(d) Anthony, Sir Charles's groom.

Short Answer Questions

1. After meeting Sir Henry for the first time, what is Holmes's initial advice to him?

2. What does Holmes have Watson send up to him?

3. Where does chapter one take place?

4. What does the first telegram to Holmes reveal?

5. What is the actual reason for Dr. Mortimer's consultation with Holmes?

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