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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Holmes trick the hotel clerk into talking about guests who have checked in after Sir Henry?
(a) Holmes claims to recognize the names and was wondering if they were friends of his.
(b) Holmes makes the clerk think he is asking about Sir Henry's relatives.
(c) Holmes asks about Sir Henry.
(d) Holmes distracts him while Watson looks at the registry.

2. Why did Sir Charles return to Baskerville Hall?
(a) He made a fortune in South Africa and wished to renovate his ancestral home.
(b) He wished to disprove rumors of the Baskerville hound.
(c) He wished to marry and start a family.
(d) He was going to have the hall destroyed.

3. What does Sir Henry receive the morning he meets Holmes?
(a) A bank note.
(b) A telegram from Canada.
(c) A walking stick.
(d) A letter.

4. Dr. Mortimer believes that, from the marks, Sir Charles had tip-toed throughout the gravel. What does Holmes deduce from those facts?
(a) Sir Charles was actually running.
(b) Sir Charles was stepping carefully.
(c) Dr. Mortimer is right.
(d) A woman followed Sir Charles outside.

5. What does Dr. Mortimer call Holmes in Chapter 1?
(a) The best detective in Europe.
(b) The second-best detective in Europe.
(c) A lucky detective.
(d) The most brilliant mind of the decade.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hugo's captive escape?

2. After meeting Sir Henry for the first time, what is Holmes's initial advice to him?

3. What is the Baskerville curse?

4. Who does Dr. Mortimer say has a beard like the man that was following them?

5. What does Dr. Mortimer have on him that he wants Holmes to examine?

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