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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Watson observe that Sir Henry has inherited from his ancestors?
(a) The intelligence.
(b) The cruelty.
(c) The godlessness.
(d) The temper.

2. Who is the man that brought the curse upon the Baskervilles?
(a) Hank Baskerville.
(b) Henry Baskerville.
(c) Hugo Baskerville.
(d) Charles Baskerville.

3. What is the result of Hugo's wild ride after the girl?
(a) Hugo marries the girl.
(b) A hound will visit Baskerville Hall every full moon to take one of the men away.
(c) Hugo has his throat torn out by a large hound.
(d) Hugo is murdered by the girl's father.

4. Why did Sir Charles return to Baskerville Hall?
(a) He made a fortune in South Africa and wished to renovate his ancestral home.
(b) He was going to have the hall destroyed.
(c) He wished to disprove rumors of the Baskerville hound.
(d) He wished to marry and start a family.

5. What is the object left behind on which Watson tries to deduce a reconstruction of the mysterious owner?
(a) A boot.
(b) A hat.
(c) A walking stick.
(d) A notebook.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Holmes relax after his day of thinking?

2. What was found near Sir Charles's body?

3. How much is Sir Henry going to inherit from Sir Charles?

4. What about the handwriting reveals to Holmes that the object originated at a hotel?

5. What does Holmes believe is the reason Sir Charles went out to the yew alley that night?

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