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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Holmes spend his time before meeting with Sir Henry in the afternoon following their first meeting?
(a) At the theater.
(b) Smoking.
(c) Playing violin.
(d) In an art gallery.

2. What sets off the chain of events in the manuscript?
(a) Hugo killed the daughter of a yeoman.
(b) Hugo kidnapped the daughter of a yeoman.
(c) Hugo sent a man to die in Grimpen Mire.
(d) Hugo killed a gypsy's dog.

3. What does the first telegram to Holmes reveal?
(a) Barrymore appears to be in London.
(b) Barrymore appears to have left the country.
(c) Barrymore does not appear to be at Baskerville Hall.
(d) Barrymore appears to be at Baskerville Hall.

4. What does Watson observe that Sir Henry has inherited from his ancestors?
(a) The intelligence.
(b) The godlessness.
(c) The cruelty.
(d) The temper.

5. What does Stapleton reveal that shocks Watson?
(a) He is planning on moving into Baskerville Hall.
(b) He was with Sir Charles the night he died.
(c) Stapleton knows that Sherlock Holmes is looking into the death of Sir Charles.
(d) He knew Sir Henry from school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Holmes deduce about the sender of Sir Henry's object?

2. What health concern, exacerbated by the story of the hound, did Sir Charles possess?

3. What do Watson and Stapleton see at the bog-hole?

4. What possibility does Holmes rule out when he discovers that Henry does not have a will?

5. What does Sir Henry receive the morning he meets Holmes?

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