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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While searching for Selden on the moor, what frightens both Sir Henry and Watson?
(a) They find a dead body.
(b) They hear a hound howling on the moor.
(c) They hear someone screaming for help.
(d) They see a man sink into the Grimpen Mire.

2. What do Watson and Stapleton see at the bog-hole?
(a) A boot.
(b) A skeleton.
(c) A hound.
(d) A pony is slowly sinking into the mire.

3. What does Mrs. Barrymore confess?
(a) The escaped convict is her brother.
(b) She is cheating on her husband.
(c) Her husband is cheating on her.
(d) They inadvertently led Sir Charles to his death.

4. What does Miss Stapleton tell Watson when she first meets him on the moor?
(a) She tells him she is going to kill herself in three nights.
(b) She tells him to return to London.
(c) She tells him she knows Sherlock Holmes is around.
(d) She tells him she knows who killed Sir Charles.

5. How did the cabman describe the bearded man?
(a) Around forty and of military bearing.
(b) Around sixty and gray.
(c) Around forty, pale, and of average height.
(d) Around thirty, dark complected, and tall.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Holmes trick the hotel clerk into talking about guests who have checked in after Sir Henry?

2. What sets off the chain of events in the manuscript?

3. What dangerous place on the moor has claimed the lives of several people and animals?

4. What does Dr. Mortimer have on him that he wants Holmes to examine?

5. What does Stapleton do when he visits Baskerville Hall after Watson has followed Sir Henry?

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