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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, The Fight at Anvard.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Prince Corin get angry at Shasta?
(a) Shasta wants him to lie.
(b) Shasta insults Queen Susan.
(c) Shasta makes fun of his appearance.
(d) Shasta threatens to call the others in.

2. How does Aravis react to Bree?
(a) She says she was just as bad as he was.
(b) She offers to go back to Calormen with him.
(c) She reminds him that he is a great warhorse.
(d) She tells Bree that he's being silly.

3. Why did Hwin start talking?
(a) In order to keep Aravis from killing herself.
(b) She tried to stick up for Aravis to her father.
(c) She wanted Aravis's help to run away.
(d) She was curious about Aravis's brother.

4. When did the horses finally stop for the night?
(a) When Shasta told them to
(b) When they found a small shed
(c) After Hwin collapsed
(d) When they reached a pool

5. What is the most notable thing that Prince Corin does in the battle?
(a) He captures a Tarkaan general.
(b) He seizes the Calormene flag.
(c) He saves Shasta's life.
(d) He kills an enemy soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the eagles circling overhead?

2. Which of these phrases does Aravis use to describe Ahoshta?

3. How do Aravis and Lasaraleen know that the Tisroc is heading towards them?

4. What does Shasta feel while waiting to start approaching the castle?

5. What did Shasta find in the saddlebags?

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