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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Across the Desert.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mr. Tumnus?
(a) A dwarf
(b) A faun
(c) A centaur
(d) A raven

2. What disguise does Aravis wear in the Tisroc's palace?
(a) She is dressed as a slave girl.
(b) She is covered in rags and dirt.
(c) She wears the Grand Vizier's robes.
(d) She is wearing her brother's armor.

3. After the Narnians make their plans, what does Mr. Tumnus do?
(a) He gives Shasta a new set of clothes.
(b) He tells King Edmund that Shasta is a spy.
(c) He locks Shasta inside the room.
(d) He feeds Shasta a grand supper.

4. What news did Aravis bring to the companions?
(a) She said that the desert could not be crossed.
(b) She invited them to stay with Lasaraleen.
(c) She told them about Prince Rabadash's plan.
(d) She told them that they were being followed.

5. Where did the companions stop to rest during the day?
(a) At an oasis in the desert
(b) Near a sand dune
(c) In the shade of a large rock
(d) In a shallow hollow

Short Answer Questions

1. What is King Edmund worried about?

2. Why couldn't Shasta walk across the desert?

3. Which is the only traffic regulation in Tashbaan?

4. What is unusual about Prince Corin's appearance?

5. How does Lasaraleen react to Aravis's situation?

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