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Peace of Amiens

This is the brief period of calm resulting from a treaty that lasted from March 1802 through May 1803.

HMS Hotspur

This is an English sloop-of-war with 20 nine-pounder long cannon and four carronades. The ship sails well, fights well, and is responsive.

Maria's Gift of Gloves

After getting married, Maria gives this to Hornblower before he embarks on his many-months' voyage.

Futtock-Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole

These are important parts of the ship that enable the sailors to navigate themselves in the rigging.


These are the chief cause of injury and death among the ship's crew during combat at sea.

The Weather Gauge

This describes the favorable positioning of a sailing vessel relative to another with respect to the wind.


This was a short smoothbore cannon used by the British Navy that were designed as short-range weapons.

Coaster and Chasee-marée

These are small French...

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