Hornblower and the Hotspur Fun Activities

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Art in Multiple Mediums

Create a piece of art in any medium that portrays one of the basic themes of the book. Have different groups do different themes, and then have the class view all the different works.

Foreign Accents

There are many different accents present in this book. Have the students choose one of these, such as English, Irish, French, American, Spanish, etc. Have the students use their chosen vernacular for an entire class period and write about what they learned through this experience.

News Parallels

Have the students bring in an article from the newspaper with a story that reminds them of something that happens in the book.

Crazy Plans

Split the class into groups and assign each group one of the crazy and dramatic plans that Hornblower comes up with in this book. Have the students make a diagram or re-enactment of this plan and...

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