Hornblower and the Hotspur Character Descriptions

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Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander

This character is very educated and joined the naval service as a midshipman fairly late at the age of seventeen.

Maria Ellen Hornblower née Mason

This character is expansive of spirit, optimistic, and generous. She gets married at the beginning of the book.

Lieutenant William Bush

This character is a tallish man of great courage and is well liked, open, generous, and gracious, but he suffers from a lack of spontaneity of thought.

Admiral the Honorable Sir William Cornwallis

This character has the foresight to understand that war is coming and takes steps to make sure England is in position to defend itself.

Captain Edward Pellew

This character directs the operations of the blockading fleet for several weeks. He is a keen seaman and has a fine insight into the mind of the enemy.

John Grimes

This steward is unable to adapt...

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