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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 137, what does Morelli exhort writers never to do in their work?
(a) Make a statement.
(b) Show off.
(c) Reference works of the past.
(d) Write in third person.

2. What language is Chapter 68 written in?
(a) Gliglish.
(b) English.
(c) Esperanto.
(d) French.

3. Why is the Serpent Club often annoyed with La Maga?
(a) She dozes off during their debates.
(b) She is keeping Horacio away from them.
(c) She does not know the texts they discuss.
(d) Her English and French are poor.

4. How many audience members - including Horacio - are left in the auditorium at the end of the recital in Chapter 23?
(a) 5.
(b) 1.
(c) 12.
(d) 2.

5. What modern form of execution is described in Chapter 114?
(a) Electric chair.
(b) Firing squad.
(c) Gas chamber.
(d) Lethal injection.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Horacio leave Berthe Trepat as he walks her home in Chapter 23?

2. What does the narrator recall at the end of Chapter 93?

3. What toy is Horacio looking at when he sees La Maga in his memory of Chapter 1?

4. By what controversial French thinker is the quote is Chapter 136?

5. What is Horacio pasting on a lamp shade at the beginning of Chapter 84?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are La Maga and Horacio different?

2. What conversation regarding their relationship do Maga and Horacio have in Chapter 20?

3. How is the reader introduced to Manolo Traveler in Chapter 143?

4. In Chapter 26, what reason does Ossip offer for Horacio's leaving?

5. What event is taking place in this section?

6. What is Maga doing when Horacio arrives in Chapter 28?

7. Why does Horacio choose not to help Etienne in Chapter 90?

8. What awful event does Maga describe in Chapter 15?

9. Why does Ossip apologize to Maga in Chapter 24?

10. How does Horacio meet Berthe Trepat?

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