Hopscotch Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. Approximately how old is Horacio Oliveira?


2. What area of Paris is Horacio searching for La Maga in Chapter 1?

Ponts des Arts.

3. What image does Horacio use in Chapter 73 to describe the meaninglessness of intellectual life in Paris?

Colorless fire.

4. What toy is Horacio looking at when he sees La Maga in his memory of Chapter 1?

A stuffed monkey.

5. In what season do Maga and Horacio meet?


6. For what item do Maga and Horacio have in impromptu funeral in Chapter 1?

An umbrella.

7. Who is Rocamadour?

Maga's son.

8. In Chapter 2, where does Rocamadour live before coming to live with Horacio and Maga?

In the French countryside.

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