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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, From the Other Side: Chapters 124, 128, 24, 134, 25, 141, 60, 26, 109, 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What image does Horacio use in Chapter 73 to describe the meaninglessness of intellectual life in Paris?
(a) Silent music.
(b) Colorless fire.
(c) Scentless perfume.
(d) Idiotic musings.

2. What unfortunate event has recently happened to Guy Monod in Chapter 9?
(a) He has been evicted from his flat.
(b) He has been dianosed with syphilis.
(c) His mistress has left him.
(d) He has lost his student visa.

3. What political movement is Etienne working with in Chapter 90?
(a) Impeach de Gaulle.
(b) Free Algeria.
(c) Students Strike.
(d) Support for Prague Spring.

4. On what subject does Horatio privately expound at the end of Chapter 17?
(a) Jazz.
(b) Morelli.
(c) War.
(d) Sex.

5. What South American city is La Maga originally from?
(a) Buenos Aires.
(b) Montevideo.
(c) Caracas.
(d) Santiago.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many audience members - including Horacio - are left in the auditorium at the end of the recital in Chapter 23?

2. In Chapter 141, the Club offers what complaint about Morelli as a theorist?

3. Who does Horacio quote in Chapter 116?

4. In Chapter 2, what does Horacio say would be as easy as writing a story about La Maga?

5. Who is not with the group that walks to the listening session in Chapter 9?

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