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Pont des Arts

This bridge-filled location is a regular haunt for Horacio and La Maga.

The Serpent Club

This is a small coterie of artists and intellectuals in Paris.


This is the collected theories and aesthetic treatises of an iconoclastic writer.


This is an argument between two different viewpoints with intention of the persuasion.


This is a metaphor in the novel for the precariousness of life.

Zen Buddhism

This belief system favors enlightenment through meditation rather than textual study.

The Millenary Kingdom

This is the protagonist's name for a Utopian world.

The Mondrian Painting

This object is a self-contained study of form and color.

The Counting Cat

This is the circus act that Manolo and Talita Traveler manage in Buenos Aires.


This is a drink known for providing energy.


This is a type of rum.


This is a brand of French cigarettes...

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