Hopscotch Character Descriptions

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Horacio Oliveira

This character leaves Paris after his mistress disappears.

La Maga

This character loses a child midway through the novel.

Manolo Traveler

This character manages a popular circus animal.

Talita Traveler

This character worries her marriage is jeopardized by the arrival of her husband's old friend.


This character develops breast cancer.


This character is sent to live in the French countryside.


This character is fixated on quotations.

Ossip Gregorovius

This character takes a friend's flat after she disappears.


This character believes color and pattern are the only conveyors of truth.


This character is the master of the record player at Serpent Club listening sessions.


This character physically attacks the protagonist for abandoning his mistress.


This character does research into torture across different cultures.

Perico Romero

This character regularly argues with a painter about truth.

Guy Monod

This character tries to...

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