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Yuval Noah Harari
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III - Homo Sapiens Loses Control: The Great Decoupling.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the modern age, scientific advancements made great strides due two what two factors?
(a) The death of religion and economic growth.
(b) Better education and bankers.
(c) Trust in the future and credit.
(d) Greater social power and individual freedom.

2. Under the Modern Covenant, humans give up meaning for what?
(a) Economic growth.
(b) Power.
(c) Immortality.
(d) Wealth.

3. If we devote ourselves solely to economic growth, what social structure could suffer?
(a) Democracy.
(b) Family ties.
(c) Religion.
(d) Education.

4. What artificial organ was successfully tested by Yale University in 2014?
(a) Heart.
(b) Pancreas.
(c) Kidney.
(d) Liver.

5. What did premodern humans believe their lives gained for giving up power?
(a) Protection.
(b) Meaning.
(c) Simplicity.
(d) Freedom.

Short Answer Questions

1. After World War I, what social movement did President Woodrow Wilson begin to support?

2. What French philosopher believed only humans feel and crave?

3. A Mattersight algorithm uses what information to direct callers to the best customer service person for them?

4. What pamphlet written by Karl Marx claims the modern world positively requires uncertainty and disturbance?

5. What false message did Syrian hackers post on the Associated Press's Twitter account?

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