Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow Fun Activities

Yuval Noah Harari
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True Happiness

Research the teachings of Buddha regarding happiness. Include information about Buddha's definition of happiness, how a man can achieve happiness, and what practices will bring peace to individuals.

Life Expectancy Throughout History

Research how life expectancy for humans has changed over the last 300 years and create a presentation that illustrates the reasons why people today live longer than people 300 years ago. Present information related to each of the last three centuries and include factors such as science, technology, lifestyle, etc.

Industrial Farming

Harari writes quite a bit about the relationship between human beings and animals. Research the modern practices of industrial farming or animal husbandry. Using Harari's observations about human-animal relationships, state your position about the ethics of industrial farming and on what you base your position.

Discarded Theories of Science

On page 115, Harari mentions that science has rejected many theories and concepts it once believed...

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