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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Sam, Teddy. Joey, and Lenny do after Max physically abuses Sam?
(a) Everyone looks at Ruth.
(b) Everyone places blame where they think it is due.
(c) Everyone is still.
(d) Everyone leaves the room.

2. In his long speech, what does Teddy say about his family's intelligence level?
(a) They misunderstand everything.
(b) They are unintelligent.
(c) They are bright but uneducated.
(d) They don't have the capacity to understand his writing.

3. In his long speech, what does Tedd say he won't do?
(a) Become lost in his family's lives
(b) Give his family anything
(c) Stoop to his family's level
(d) Come back again to see the family

4. After Max recovers from his collapse, what does he ask Ruth?
(a) Max asks Ruth why she got involved with Teddy.
(b) Max asks Ruth if she is a mother.
(c) Max asks Ruth if she plans to leave soon.
(d) Max asks Ruth to get him an ice bag.

5. What does Sam do before he leaves for work after lunch?
(a) Sam tries to get Max to apologize.
(b) Sam tells Teddy a secret.
(c) Sam washes the breakfast dishes.
(d) Sam shakes Ruth's hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Max hits Joey in the stomach because Joey doesn't obey him, who moves to help Joey?

2. To whom does Max compare Sam?

3. What does Teddy tell Max about his life with Ruth?

4. After the conversation with Ruth in which he asks her to go home with him, what does Teddy do?

5. According to Max, what made Sam a bad son?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Teddy's response to Ruth's question about whether the family has read any of his works?

2. According to Teddy, how is Ruth different since their marriage?

3. For what does Max criticize Sam when Sam is in the kitchen?

4. What similarity is there between Teddy and Ruth's family and Max and Jessie's family?

5. What kinds of demands does Ruth make on the brothers?

6. As Act Two opens, what positive and negative comments does Max make about his late wife?

7. Describe Max's initial reaction to Ruth.

8. What does Joey do in his uncle's defense when Max criticizes Sam?

9. What did Ruth say she did for a living before she was married?

10. What kind of response does Teddy make to his brothers' caressing Ruth?

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