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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the deed to the house come from?
(a) Max bought the house as a young man.
(b) It was an inheritance.
(c) It was won in a poker game.
(d) It was a foreclosure.

2. What does Lenny say he did to the old woman instead of helping her?
(a) Laughed at her
(b) Gave her some money
(c) Hit her
(d) Got someone else to help her

3. When Lenny gets flustered, what does Ruth do?
(a) Ruth laughs.
(b) Ruth pats Lenny on the head.
(c) Ruth apologizes.
(d) Ruth sits on Lenny's lap.

4. What does Max tell Lenny to stop?
(a) Beating up on his brother
(b) Eating so much
(c) Complaining about his job.
(d) Calling him "Dad"

5. In what sport does Joey participate?
(a) Football
(b) Baseball
(c) Tennis
(d) Boxing

Short Answer Questions

1. When Max comes downstairs, what does he say woke him?

2. How is Joey related to Sam?

3. After addressing Lenny's concern about not being able to sleep, who does Teddy ask Lenny about?

4. Aside from Teddy's education, why does Lenny say he envies Teddy?

5. After she finishes her water, where does Ruth go?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lenny ask his father about the night he was conceived?

2. How does Max respond to Lenny's question about his conception?

3. "The Homecoming" takes place in an old London house where four men live. Who are these men and how are they related to each other?

4. Describe Max's attitude toward his brother Sam.

5. What does Max say about his understanding of female horses?

6. What conflicting information does Max give about MacGregor (his father)?

7. Throughout the play, Max verbally abuses his son Joey; give an example of this verbal abuse.

8. What is the relationship between Max and Rose and what two other characters have the same relationship?

9. After Lenny tells Ruth the story about a violent act he once committed, what story does he then tell Ruth about about an old woman?

10. When Max comes downstairs complaining of noise, what kind of an explanation does Lenny give?

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