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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shortly after his arrival at the family home, what does Teddy offer Ruth?
(a) Something to eat and drink
(b) Some old photographs
(c) Somewhere to change her clothes
(d) Some family heirlooms

2. What does Lenny say when Ruth asks how he knew the prostitute was diseased?
(a) Lenny says the prostitute told him she was diseased.
(b) Lenny says a buddy told him the prostitute was diseased.
(c) Lenny says the prostitute's mother told him she was diseased.
(d) Lenny says he just decided she was diseased.

3. What does Lenny want Max to tell him?
(a) If he was going to inherit the house someday
(b) If his parents were trying to have a baby or if his conception was an accident
(c) Why he gets blamed for everything that happens
(d) Why no one would ever loan him any money

4. Where did the deed to the house come from?
(a) It was an inheritance.
(b) It was a foreclosure.
(c) Max bought the house as a young man.
(d) It was won in a poker game.

5. What does Sam say about Max wanting him out of the house?
(a) Sam says that there will be no one to cook the meals.
(b) Sam says that he owns part of the house.
(c) Sam says that Max would be lonesome.
(d) Sam says that Max is selfish.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character has been on stage all through the first scene of the play?

2. What do Lenny and Ruth argue about?

3. In which city does "The Homecoming" take place?

4. What does Ruth dare Lenny to do?

5. Where did Sam get some cigars?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Max respond to Lenny's question about his conception?

2. Max threatens violence toward his son Lenny at different points in the play; give one example.

3. Why does Lenny say he is angry at Ruth for calling him by his full name, Leonard?

4. When Teddy arrives at his family's home, what does he find unchanged?

5. Which characters, although not seen onstage, are mentioned frequently throughout the play, and how is each related to Max?

6. When Max comes downstairs complaining of noise, what kind of an explanation does Lenny give?

7. Just after they arrive at the house, what does Teddy reassure Ruth about?

8. What does Max mean when he uses the phrase "one flow of stinking pus after another?"

9. After Lenny tells Ruth the story about a violent act he once committed, what story does he then tell Ruth about about an old woman?

10. Describe Max's attitude toward his brother Sam.

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