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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Max, what made Sam a bad son?
(a) He never came to see his parents.
(b) He was useless in the family business.
(c) He didn't help take care of his father when he was dying.
(d) He stole money from his father.

2. What is Sam doing in the kitchen during Max's and Joey's discussion about going out together?
(a) Sam is repairing the radio.
(b) Sam is chopping carrots.
(c) Sam is talking to Lenny.
(d) Sam is washing the dishes.

3. After his collapse, Max talks with Ruth about her children and then asks Teddy to do what?
(a) Max asks Teddy to take Ruth out of the house.
(b) Max asks Teddy to stay for a few more days.
(c) Max asks Teddy if he wants to cuddle and kiss his father.
(d) Max asks Teddy to give the family some money.

4. What comparison does Ruth use in her discussion with Lenny after Teddy has been mocked by Lenny?
(a) The seeds in a pod and the growth of a tree
(b) the setting of the sun and the emergence of the stars
(c) The relationship between the movement of her leg and the movement of her underwear
(d) The love of a boy for his horse

5. Just before the end of Act Two, Scene 1, What does Teddy give a long speech about?
(a) How his mother would be proud of him
(b) How families shouldn't argue
(c) Why he needs to leave
(d) How important his works are

6. As Lenny joins the conversation that Ruth, Lenny, and Teddy have been engaged in after lunch, what subject does Lenny ask Teddy about?
(a) Lenny asks Teddy why it's taken him so long to visit.
(b) Lenny asks if Teddy makes enough money to support his family.
(c) Lenny asks a question about being a doctor of philosophy.
(d) Lenny asks if Teddy is a good father.

7. What does Max do to Sam when Sam tries to help Max after he collapses?
(a) Max yells out Sam's secret.
(b) Max throws a dish at Sam.
(c) Max hits Sam with his cane.
(d) Max punches Sam in the stomach.

8. When Teddy comes downstairs after his father and brothers have come home from the gym, what does Max ask him?
(a) If he's going to pay rent on the room he's using
(b) If he is going to fight his brothers
(c) If he's leaving soon
(d) If he will put out the fire in the fireplace

9. What kind of response does Max get from the family to his question about the surprising appearance of his son and a woman Max does not know, suddenly standing in his living room?
(a) Lenny apologizes.
(b) No one says anything.
(c) Joey leaves.
(d) Everyone starts talking at once.

10. What does Sam do when Max collapses after verbally abusing Ruth?
(a) Sam goes to help Max.
(b) Sam picks up the broken dishes.
(c) Sam yells at Joey.
(d) Sam goes out the door.

11. After Max recovers from his collapse, what does he ask Ruth?
(a) Max asks Ruth to get him an ice bag.
(b) Max asks Ruth if she is a mother.
(c) Max asks Ruth why she got involved with Teddy.
(d) Max asks Ruth if she plans to leave soon.

12. After Ruth tells Lenny where she was born, where does Max tell Joey he needs to go?
(a) To the football game
(b) To school
(c) To the market
(d) To the gym

13. When Lenny re-enters the room after Teddy and Ruth have had their private discussion, what kind of small talk does Ruth engage in with Lenny?
(a) She talks about how the living room is decorated.
(b) She talks about how the weather is changing.
(c) She talks about an article she read in the paper.
(d) She talks about a certain kind of shoe she is fond of.

14. When Teddy and Ruth are left alone in the living room, how does he try to convince her to go home with him?
(a) He says she is making a poor impression on his family.
(b) He tells her that she could get her old job back.
(c) He reminds her about her sons.
(d) He tells her he wants to leave.

15. What is the nature of the family business?
(a) Plumber
(b) Mechanic
(c) Printer
(d) Butcher

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sam do before he leaves for work after lunch?

2. To whom does Max compare Sam?

3. Which character does Max refer to as a "maggot" and a "grub"?

4. What is Ruth's response when Teddy asks her to go home?

5. How does Joey respond to Max's invitation to spend the afternoon with him?

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