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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After chastising Teddy for bringing Ruth into his house, who does Max ask to throw Ruth and Teddy out?
(a) Sam
(b) Lenny
(c) Joey
(d) The neighbor

2. After Sam, Lenny, Max, and Teddy have finished lunch and are smoking cigars, on what are they complimenting Ruth?
(a) Her cooking
(b) Her clothes
(c) Her figure
(d) Her intelligence

3. In reminiscing after lunch, what does Max refer to Jessie as?
(a) A tart
(b) An angel
(c) A "slutbitch of a wife"
(d) A tigress

4. What does Sam do when Max collapses after verbally abusing Ruth?
(a) Sam goes out the door.
(b) Sam goes to help Max.
(c) Sam yells at Joey.
(d) Sam picks up the broken dishes.

5. When Max sees Ruth for the first time, what does he ask Teddy?
(a) Max asks if Teddy has a job.
(b) Max asks how long he is planning to stay.
(c) Max asks where Teddy is living.
(d) Max asks who gave him permission to bring a tart into the house.

6. When Max hits Joey in the stomach because Joey doesn't obey him, who moves to help Joey?
(a) Ruth
(b) Lenny
(c) Teddy
(d) Sam

7. When Max asks Teddy if he wants to cuddle and kiss his father, what does Max tell the rest of the family about Teddy?
(a) Max says that Teddy is going to stay a long time.
(b) Max says that Teddy is smart.
(c) Max says that Teddy and Ruth are not actually married.
(d) Max says that Teddy still loves his father.

8. As the men compliment Ruth after lunch, what is Max reminiscing about?
(a) His childhood
(b) His days at the horse track
(c) His days as a football player
(d) His wife

9. Who does Sam say was a hard worker and a fast learner?
(a) MacGregor
(b) Joey
(c) Jessie
(d) Himself (Max)

10. What kind of response does Max get from the family to his question about the surprising appearance of his son and a woman Max does not know, suddenly standing in his living room?
(a) Everyone starts talking at once.
(b) Joey leaves.
(c) Lenny apologizes.
(d) No one says anything.

11. When Teddy comes downstairs after his father and brothers have come home from the gym, what does Max ask him?
(a) If he will put out the fire in the fireplace
(b) If he's leaving soon
(c) If he is going to fight his brothers
(d) If he's going to pay rent on the room he's using

12. When Ruth says she was different before she and Teddy were married, what does Teddy say.?
(a) Teddy says Ruth was too quiet before their marriage.
(b) Teddy says Ruth is exactly the same.
(c) Teddy says Ruth has become more affectionate since their wedding.
(d) Teddy says Ruth has become more patient since their wedding.

13. When trying to convince her to go home with him, what does Teddy remind Ruth of?
(a) He says she is making a poor impression on his family.
(b) He talks about taking a new trip.
(c) He reminds her about her sons.
(d) He tells her about his childhood.

14. What does Joey say when Max tells him that he will have time to do what he needs to do and still be able to go with Max?
(a) Joey tells him to invite someone else.
(b) Joey agrees to go.
(c) Joey still refuses.
(d) Joey ignores Max.

15. In his long speech, what does Teddy say about his family's intelligence level?
(a) They don't have the capacity to understand his writing.
(b) They are unintelligent.
(c) They misunderstand everything.
(d) They are bright but uneducated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sam, Teddy. Joey, and Lenny do after Max physically abuses Sam?

2. When Teddy and Ruth are left alone in the living room, how does he try to convince her to go home with him?

3. After the conversation with Ruth in which he asks her to go home with him, what does Teddy do?

4. What is the nature of the family business?

5. Ruth reveals to Lenny that she was born where?

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