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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When trying to convince her to go home with him, what does Teddy remind Ruth of?
(a) He reminds her about her sons.
(b) He says she is making a poor impression on his family.
(c) He talks about taking a new trip.
(d) He tells her about his childhood.

2. After his collapse, Max talks with Ruth about her children and then asks Teddy to do what?
(a) Max asks Teddy to take Ruth out of the house.
(b) Max asks Teddy if he wants to cuddle and kiss his father.
(c) Max asks Teddy to stay for a few more days.
(d) Max asks Teddy to give the family some money.

3. As the men compliment Ruth after lunch, what is Max reminiscing about?
(a) His wife
(b) His days at the horse track
(c) His days as a football player
(d) His childhood

4. When Max and Joey leave after the conversation between Lenny and Ruth, who goes with them?
(a) Jessie
(b) Lenny
(c) Sam
(d) MacGregor

5. How many women appear onstage in the play?
(a) Three
(b) One
(c) None
(d) Two

6. After Ruth falls onto the floor, what does she ask for?
(a) An ice pack
(b) Something to eat and drink
(c) Some understanding
(d) Help getting up

7. While Max is questioning Teddy about when he plans to leave, how does Lenny interact with Ruth?
(a) He brings her a sandwich.
(b) He gives her a gift.
(c) He helps her open the window.
(d) He strokes Ruth's hair.

8. After Sam, Lenny, Max, and Teddy have finished lunch and are smoking cigars, on what are they complimenting Ruth?
(a) Her clothes
(b) Her intelligence
(c) Her cooking
(d) Her figure

9. To whom does Max compare Sam?
(a) Joey
(b) MacGregor
(c) Himself (Max)
(d) Lenny

10. After Max recovers from his collapse, what does he ask Ruth?
(a) Max asks Ruth if she is a mother.
(b) Max asks Ruth to get him an ice bag.
(c) Max asks Ruth if she plans to leave soon.
(d) Max asks Ruth why she got involved with Teddy.

11. Ruth reveals to Lenny that she was born where?
(a) In Australia
(b) In America
(c) Nearby
(d) In France

12. In his long speech, what does Teddy call the members of his family?
(a) Boors
(b) Animals
(c) Objects
(d) Drunkards

13. Which two characters have been out working when the play begins but come home before Ruth and Teddy arrive?
(a) Joey and Sam
(b) Max and Sam
(c) Joey and Max
(d) Lenny and Sam

14. When Teddy comes downstairs after his father and brothers have come home from the gym, what does Max ask him?
(a) If he's going to pay rent on the room he's using
(b) If he's leaving soon
(c) If he is going to fight his brothers
(d) If he will put out the fire in the fireplace

15. What does Ruth say Teddy was nervous about before they came to the family home for this visit?
(a) Ruth says Teddy was nervous about seeing his family.
(b) Ruth says Teddy was nervous about traveling.
(c) Ruth says Teddy was nervous about the money they spent on the trip.
(d) Ruth says Teddy was nervous that Max wouldn't like her.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Max is questioning Teddy about when he plans to leave, how does Joey interact with Ruth?

2. In his long speech, what does Tedd say he won't do?

3. What does Teddy tell Max about his life with Ruth?

4. Which of the following characters has been discussed but has never appeared on stage?

5. What does Joey say when Max tells him that he will have time to do what he needs to do and still be able to go with Max?

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