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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lenny tell Ruth he thinks Teddy has been?
(a) Australia
(b) America
(c) Sweden
(d) Switzerland

2. At the end of the first scene, what does Max reveal about MacGregor?
(a) MacGregor lived next door until he died.
(b) MacGregor was Max's football coach.
(c) MacGregor was Max's father.
(d) MacGregor tried to steal the deed to the house.

3. Who, instead of Max, does Lenny say he should have asked for an answer to a question that's been bothering him?
(a) Joey
(b) His father
(c) Teddy
(d) His dead mother

4. What does Ruth call Lenny?
(a) Mr. Mean
(b) Leonard
(c) Little Baby
(d) Sweetie

5. Where did the deed to the house come from?
(a) It was an inheritance.
(b) It was a foreclosure.
(c) It was won in a poker game.
(d) Max bought the house as a young man.

6. What reason does Max give for Sam having never married?
(a) He hates women.
(b) He's never met the right woman.
(c) He can't afford to get married.
(d) He's too busy having sex in the back seat.

7. How is Joey related to Sam?
(a) Sam and Joey are brothers.
(b) Sam and Joey are cousins.
(c) Sam is Joey's father.
(d) Sam is Joey's uncle.

8. The first time Max mentions a man named MacGregor, what does he say about him?
(a) MacGregor was his best friend.
(b) MacGregor lives next door.
(c) He used to hang around with MacGregor.
(d) He went to prison.

9. When Teddy and Ruth first arrive at the family home, what does Ruth say she is feeling?
(a) Very tired
(b) Very cold
(c) Very bored
(d) Very excited

10. Why does Max say that when Sam gets married, he should bring his bride home?
(a) Max will tell her the family's history.
(b) She can cook for them.
(c) There will be a big party.
(d) Max will give her a family heirloom.

11. Who has fond memories of a father who played with him and took good care of him?
(a) Max
(b) Sam
(c) Joey
(d) Lenny

12. What does Lenny say in response to Max's demand for an explanation of the noise that awoke him?
(a) Lenny tells Max that Sam turned up the radio.
(b) Lenny asks Max about the night he was conceived.
(c) Lenny asks Max to loan him some money.
(d) Lenny blames the noise on Joey and his friends.

13. What did Lenny tell Ruth he had been asked to help an old woman with?
(a) Finding her cat
(b) A dresser she needed moved
(c) An old-fashioned washing machine
(d) Getting to the doctor

14. Abandoning his search for the scissors, Max lights a cigarette he has gotten from where?
(a) From the desk
(b) From Lenny's jacket
(c) From the ashtray
(d) From his pocket

15. As they bicker, what does Max grab as if to hit Lenny?
(a) His umbrella
(b) A lamp
(c) A baseball bat
(d) His cane

Short Answer Questions

1. On what subject does Lenny ask Max for advice?

2. In which city does "The Homecoming" take place?

3. What does Max say he could instinctively know?

4. What does Teddy take upstairs?

5. What does Max want Sam to do when Joey goes upstairs?

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