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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complaint does Max have about his sons?
(a) Max says that his sons eat too much.
(b) Max says that his sons have no ambition.
(c) Max says that his sons are both unfriendly.
(d) Max says that his sons always want him to take care of them.

2. What does Lenny ask Ruth to do?
(a) Go for a walk with him
(b) Tour the house
(c) Hold his hand
(d) Share her dessert

3. What does Lenny say in response to Max's demand for an explanation of the noise that awoke him?
(a) Lenny tells Max that Sam turned up the radio.
(b) Lenny asks Max about the night he was conceived.
(c) Lenny blames the noise on Joey and his friends.
(d) Lenny asks Max to loan him some money.

4. When does Max say that Sam will be out of the house?
(a) When Sam retires
(b) When Max sells the property
(c) When Max renovates the house
(d) When Lenny gets married

5. As the play begins, Lenny is in the living room of the house where he lives with which two other people?
(a) His two brothers
(b) His mother and his father
(c) His father and his brother
(d) His father and his uncle

6. Abandoning his search for the scissors, Max lights a cigarette he has gotten from where?
(a) From the desk
(b) From Lenny's jacket
(c) From his pocket
(d) From the ashtray

7. Who is the only character left on stage at the end of Act I, Scene 2?
(a) Ruth
(b) Max
(c) Teddy
(d) Lenny

8. What does Sam say about Max wanting him out of the house?
(a) Sam says that Max would be lonesome.
(b) Sam says that he owns part of the house.
(c) Sam says that there will be no one to cook the meals.
(d) Sam says that Max is selfish.

9. Before he comes home, where has Joey been?
(a) He has been working out.
(b) He has been applying for a job.
(c) He has been out for a walk.
(d) He has been driving his cab.

10. What does Lenny want Max to tell him?
(a) If his parents were trying to have a baby or if his conception was an accident
(b) Why no one would ever loan him any money
(c) If he was going to inherit the house someday
(d) Why he gets blamed for everything that happens

11. What does Max say he could instinctively know?
(a) Whether or not an employer would hire him
(b) Whether or not a used car had been in an accident
(c) Whether or not a girl would go out with him
(d) Whether or not a female horse would go the distance

12. When Lenny gets flustered, what does Ruth do?
(a) Ruth laughs.
(b) Ruth sits on Lenny's lap.
(c) Ruth pats Lenny on the head.
(d) Ruth apologizes.

13. When Lenny comes downstairs, what reason does he give for not being able to sleep?
(a) Lenny says he is having nightmares.
(b) Lenny says it is too cold in his room.
(c) Lenny says he is too worried to sleep.
(d) Lenny says there is something ticking that is keeping him awake.

14. What reason does Sam give for believing that he is the best at his job?
(a) He doesn't take liberties.
(b) He doesn't make mistakes.
(c) He asks questions.
(d) He works harder than anyone else.

15. What does Teddy take upstairs?
(a) An alarm clock
(b) An album of family photos
(c) His suitcases
(d) A snack

Short Answer Questions

1. In his first appearance in the play, Joey comes home and immediately asks a question about what?

2. The first time Max mentions a man named MacGregor, what does he say about him?

3. Shortly after his arrival at the family home, what does Teddy offer Ruth?

4. Who, instead of Max, does Lenny say he should have asked for an answer to a question that's been bothering him?

5. Which character has been on stage all through the first scene of the play?

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