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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teddy suggest to Ruth after they have been home awhile?
(a) Teddy suggests they get something to eat.
(b) Teddy suggests they light a fire.
(c) Teddy suggests they go to bed.
(d) Teddy suggests they change their clothes.

2. What reason does Max give for Sam having never married?
(a) He's never met the right woman.
(b) He hates women.
(c) He can't afford to get married.
(d) He's too busy having sex in the back seat.

3. What does Teddy reassure Ruth about?
(a) The thunderstorm
(b) Their new car
(c) Meeting his family
(d) Her appearance

4. What does Lenny tell Ruth about a diseased prostitute?
(a) Lenny says he nearly beat her to death.
(b) Lenny says he lectured her.
(c) Lenny says he was in love with her.
(d) Lenny says he took her to a hospital.

5. When Teddy and Ruth first arrive at the family home, what does Ruth say she is feeling?
(a) Very tired
(b) Very bored
(c) Very excited
(d) Very cold

6. What does Lenny say Max used to always like doing?
(a) Singing with his sons.
(b) Tucking his sons into bed.
(c) Taking his sons on outings.
(d) Playing ball with his sons.

7. In what sport does Joey participate?
(a) Tennis
(b) Baseball
(c) Football
(d) Boxing

8. When Max comes downstairs, what does he say woke him?
(a) Loud music coming from the radio
(b) Lenny shouting at Ruth as she leaves.
(c) Teddy and Ruth arguing
(d) Joey and Lenny arguing

9. Who is the only character left on stage at the end of Act I, Scene 2?
(a) Teddy
(b) Max
(c) Ruth
(d) Lenny

10. What does Lenny say when Ruth asks how he knew the prostitute was diseased?
(a) Lenny says the prostitute's mother told him she was diseased.
(b) Lenny says he just decided she was diseased.
(c) Lenny says a buddy told him the prostitute was diseased.
(d) Lenny says the prostitute told him she was diseased.

11. When he first arrives home, what does Teddy find out about his room?
(a) His room is still the same.
(b) Lenny has moved into his room.
(c) Max is using his room as a storage area.
(d) His room is being rented out.

12. What reason does Sam give for believing that he is the best at his job?
(a) He doesn't make mistakes.
(b) He doesn't take liberties.
(c) He works harder than anyone else.
(d) He asks questions.

13. Who told Lenny earlier that his father is going to get a surprise in the morning?
(a) Teddy
(b) Sam
(c) Lenny
(d) Joey

14. When does Max say that Sam will be out of the house?
(a) When Lenny gets married
(b) When Sam retires
(c) When Max renovates the house
(d) When Max sells the property

15. What does Ruth call Lenny?
(a) Sweetie
(b) Leonard
(c) Mr. Mean
(d) Little Baby

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, instead of Max, does Lenny say he should have asked for an answer to a question that's been bothering him?

2. Where does Lenny tell Ruth he thinks Teddy has been?

3. How does Max taunt Joey?

4. What does Max describe as "one flow of stinking pus after another?"

5. Why does Max say that when Sam gets married, he should bring his bride home?

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