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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As they bicker, what does Max grab as if to hit Lenny?
(a) A baseball bat
(b) A lamp
(c) His umbrella
(d) His cane

2. Before he comes home, where has Joey been?
(a) He has been applying for a job.
(b) He has been driving his cab.
(c) He has been working out.
(d) He has been out for a walk.

3. When Sam comes in from the kitchen, what does Max accuse Sam of doing?
(a) Making noise out of resentment
(b) Forgetting to pick up the groceries
(c) Taking other people's sides
(d) Breaking the radio

4. What does Teddy take upstairs?
(a) A snack
(b) An album of family photos
(c) An alarm clock
(d) His suitcases

5. What does Teddy reassure Ruth about?
(a) Their new car
(b) Meeting his family
(c) The thunderstorm
(d) Her appearance

Short Answer Questions

1. After chastising Teddy for bringing Ruth into his house, who does Max ask to throw Ruth and Teddy out?

2. What does Max want Sam to do when Joey goes upstairs?

3. On the morning after Teddy and Ruth's arrival, just before Max invites Joey to go out with him for the afternoon, what does Max complain about?

4. How are Teddy and Ruth related to Max?

5. In which city does "The Homecoming" take place?

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