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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max say about whether or not he followed his father's wishes?
(a) Max said he left home.
(b) Max said he did what his father asked.
(c) Max said he decided it wasn't his responsibility.
(d) Max said he resented what his father asked him.

2. When Teddy and Ruth come downstairs and Max sees them for the first time, what does he want to know?
(a) If Sam had given Teddy and Ruth a wedding gift
(b) If Lenny and Joey had made too much noise during the night
(c) If anyone knew Teddy and Ruth were in the house
(d) If someone gave Teddy and Ruth breakfast

3. Why does Max collapse after he verbally abuses Ruth for the first time?
(a) Max collapses when he sees he is cut badly.
(b) Max collapses from the exertion of hitting Joey.
(c) Max collapses from grief.
(d) Max collapses from his heart ailment.

4. What does Ruth call Lenny?
(a) Mr. Mean
(b) Leonard
(c) Little Baby
(d) Sweetie

5. According to Max, when his father was dying, what did he tell Max to do?
(a) He told Max where to find money he had hidden.
(b) He told Max to take care of his brothers.
(c) He told Max to sell the house.
(d) He told Max not to let Sam get away with anything.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Sam get some cigars?

2. What does Sam brag about?

3. When Max sees Ruth for the first time, what does he ask Teddy?

4. Who was Jessie?

5. On the morning after Teddy and Ruth's arrival, just before Max invites Joey to go out with him for the afternoon, what does Max complain about?

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