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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max say he could instinctively know?
(a) Whether or not a used car had been in an accident
(b) Whether or not a girl would go out with him
(c) Whether or not an employer would hire him
(d) Whether or not a female horse would go the distance

2. What does Lenny tell Ruth about a diseased prostitute?
(a) Lenny says he nearly beat her to death.
(b) Lenny says he took her to a hospital.
(c) Lenny says he was in love with her.
(d) Lenny says he lectured her.

3. When he first arrives home, what does Teddy find out about his room?
(a) His room is being rented out.
(b) His room is still the same.
(c) Lenny has moved into his room.
(d) Max is using his room as a storage area.

4. What does Teddy suggest to Ruth after they have been home awhile?
(a) Teddy suggests they change their clothes.
(b) Teddy suggests they get something to eat.
(c) Teddy suggests they go to bed.
(d) Teddy suggests they light a fire.

5. The first time Max mentions a man named MacGregor, what does he say about him?
(a) MacGregor was his best friend.
(b) He used to hang around with MacGregor.
(c) He went to prison.
(d) MacGregor lives next door.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sam describe Jessie?

2. What does Ruth dare Lenny to do?

3. As the play begins, Lenny is in the living room of the house where he lives with which two other people?

4. When Teddy and Ruth first arrive at the family home, what does Ruth say she is feeling?

5. Where does Ruth say she and Teddy have been vacationing?

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