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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sam describe Jessie?
(a) He says she was always tired.
(b) He says she was a charming woman.
(c) He says she was unfriendly.
(d) He says she was beautiful.

2. When Max comes downstairs, what does he say woke him?
(a) Lenny shouting at Ruth as she leaves.
(b) Joey and Lenny arguing
(c) Teddy and Ruth arguing
(d) Loud music coming from the radio

3. What does Lenny say Max used to always like doing?
(a) Tucking his sons into bed.
(b) Singing with his sons.
(c) Playing ball with his sons.
(d) Taking his sons on outings.

4. Abandoning his search for the scissors, Max lights a cigarette he has gotten from where?
(a) From the desk
(b) From his pocket
(c) From Lenny's jacket
(d) From the ashtray

5. After Sam reminds Max that he took Jessie out in a limo because he was taking care of her, what does Max call Sam?
(a) A maggot and a grub
(b) A dirty thief
(c) A rotten cheat
(d) A sheep in wolf's clothing

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Max taunt Joey?

2. Who, instead of Max, does Lenny say he should have asked for an answer to a question that's been bothering him?

3. What does Teddy suggest to Ruth after they have been home awhile?

4. What do Lenny and Max bicker about?

5. Why does Max say that when Sam gets married, he should bring his bride home?

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