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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Max sees Ruth for the first time, what does he ask Teddy?
(a) Max asks who gave him permission to bring a tart into the house.
(b) Max asks how long he is planning to stay.
(c) Max asks where Teddy is living.
(d) Max asks if Teddy has a job.

2. What does Sam do when Max collapses after verbally abusing Ruth?
(a) Sam yells at Joey.
(b) Sam picks up the broken dishes.
(c) Sam goes out the door.
(d) Sam goes to help Max.

3. What does Ruth tell Lenny about her life before she married Teddy?
(a) She says she used to always go out in the evenings.
(b) She says she used to think she would never marry.
(c) She says she was a photographic model.
(d) She says she was a school teacher.

4. Where does Lenny tell Ruth he thinks Teddy has been?
(a) Sweden
(b) America
(c) Australia
(d) Switzerland

5. What does Lenny say he did to the old woman instead of helping her?
(a) Laughed at her
(b) Gave her some money
(c) Hit her
(d) Got someone else to help her

Short Answer Questions

1. When trying to convince her to go home with him, what does Teddy remind Ruth of?

2. Why does Max collapse after he verbally abuses Ruth for the first time?

3. According to Max, when his father was dying, what did he tell Max to do?

4. What does Lenny tell Ruth about a diseased prostitute?

5. What do Sam, Teddy. Joey, and Lenny do after Max physically abuses Sam?

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