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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teddy take upstairs?
(a) An album of family photos
(b) An alarm clock
(c) A snack
(d) His suitcases

2. How does Joey respond to Max's invitation to spend the afternoon with him?
(a) Joey says he has to train.
(b) Joey says he has to repair the roof.
(c) Joey says he has to work on his car.
(d) Joey says he has to do an errand for Sam.

3. After Max criticizes Sam about his contributions to the family, what does Sam suggest that Max do?
(a) Sam suggests that Max finish washing the dishes.
(b) Sam suggests they wake everyone up.
(c) Sam suggests they all go to a football game.
(d) Sam suggests that Max get over his resentment.

4. When Lenny gets flustered, what does Ruth do?
(a) Ruth pats Lenny on the head.
(b) Ruth apologizes.
(c) Ruth laughs.
(d) Ruth sits on Lenny's lap.

5. What do Lenny and Ruth argue about?
(a) Teddy's faithfulness
(b) Lenny's lies
(c) The family album
(d) Ruth's glass

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruth dare Lenny to do?

2. When Ruth says she was different before she and Teddy were married, what does Teddy say.?

3. How long ago did Teddy move out of the family home?

4. Where does Ruth say she and Teddy have been vacationing?

5. When Max and Joey leave after the conversation between Lenny and Ruth, who goes with them?

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