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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Scene 1)


Act 1, Scene 1

Reading a play requires a different approach than reading a novel. The objective for this lesson is for students to learn the ways in which a dramatic script differs from a narrative.


1.) Give students a copy of the following narrative paragraph (or one of your own choosing): "Moira came home thirteen minutes past her curfew. Her father was waiting for her; he was angry and grounded her for a week. Moira thought the punishment was unfair." Explain to students that this paragraph is written in narrative form. Pair students and ask them to turn the narrative into a dialogue (a little play). Ask them to read their dialogues aloud to the class. Discuss difficulties inherent in writing dialogue. For example, without narrative, the reader can only find out about the characters' feelings through what they say or do as there is no narrator...

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